Moschino x Tony The Tiger 

2022 is the Year of the Tiger – so it’s only apt to embody that roaring spirit and dress fiercely in the new year. To help, Moschino has come together with Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger to launch a collection of tops, bottoms and accessories to spice up your CNY fits. 

From a cereal box-inspired clutch to bold striped bottoms, the entire collection is filled with motifs that’ll make heads turn or tummy’s rumble. Read on to find out more about this delicious line of Moschino x Tony The Tiger apparel. 

The collection 

In true Tony The Tiger fashion, the first items in the collection feature knitwear in deep blue with the iconic tiger’s face printed in vibrant tones on the centre. 

Of the 2 items, this hoodie dress is long enough such that it falls just above your ankles, for a stylish yet cosy look you can pair with heels or boots. 

The hoodie dress is priced at €495 (~S$762.21). 

For the pullover in the same design, you can opt to get a pair of matching sweatpants to complete the look. 

Alternatively, you and your sibling can be #twinning by picking to wear one of the 2 each – it’ll look grrr-eat when you’re standing side by side in a family pic for the new year. 

The pullover is priced at €395 (~S$608.23), while the sweat pants are priced at €375 (~S$577.43). 

If blue just isn’t your colour, the collection includes this white wool dress with long sleeves and a simple print on the front. 

The sweater is designed with a spruced up Tony motif which, while in eye-catching orange, isn’t too over-the-top so you can easily style the dress for both a casual or more dressy occasion. 

The white wool dress is priced at €470 (~S$723.71). 

With the same worded print, you can also pick between this white pullover and T-shirt. Similar to the wool dress, the pullover has a drop-shoulder cut which is extra flattering. 

As for the bottoms, you can get these white shorts that are designed in the same style for a look that makes you appear nothing short of put-together.  

The pullover is priced at €375 (~S$577.52), the T-shirt is priced at €195 (~S$300.31), and the shorts are priced at €255 (~S$392.71). 

A direct imitation of the Frosted Flakes cereal box, this T-shirt is another one that helps you appear dressed up without you having to leave comfort behind. The shirt is in a jersey material which is perfect for warm afternoons out. 

However, the shirt isn’t the first thing that will draw your attention – the bold coordinated set in orange on the right allows you to totally embrace the Year of the Tiger spirit. 

The orange bottoms and top are made of thin denim with the jacket slightly cropped to accentuate your curves. 

The T-shirt is priced at €295 (~S$454.32), while the details of the striped top and bottoms have yet to be released. 

If you like the design of the blue jersey T-shirt, you can also get it in dress form. The blue T-shirt dress is mid-thigh length and has drop-shoulder sleeves. To add to it, you can use the Tony The Tiger silk scarf in the collection either around your head or neck to fancy up an otherwise simple look. 

The blue T-shirt dress is priced at €350 (~S$539.02), while the blue scarf is priced at €155 (~S$238.71). 

The collection also includes this cereal box which is almost an identical copy of the original – but this one isn’t for your cornflakes. 

The blue box is actually a clutch made entirely of calfskin which fits your phone, wallet, keys and more. This one is definitely a conversation starter and a good way to distract your aunts from asking the dreaded “Got boyfriend yet?” question during CNY. 

The cereal clutch is priced at €695 (~S$1070.34). 

The final piece in this collection is this Tony The Tiger cap filled with cartoon-style graphics all across the front and back. You can wear this to add some colour to your CNY outfit or to simply hide your hair if you haven’t gotten around to maintaining it.  

The pricing details of the cap have yet to be released. 

The Moschino x Tony The Tiger Collection Will Help You Serve Up Some I-Corn-ic Fits For Date Night 

The Year of the Tiger calls for a whole lot more finesse – so why not start with fresh new garms that’ll make your CNY posts pop. Most of the items in the Moschino x Tony The Tiger collection are available now on Moschino’s global site, however, some of the pieces have yet to be released. 

All images courtesy of Moschino.

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