Nike x UNO Collection

If you’ve played UNO, then you probably know how full of vim and vigour the game usually gets – that +4 card really tests some friendships. So as a tribute to the nostalgic card game, Greek basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nike have created a collection of UNO-inspired sneakers, slides and even a unique edition of the deck. 

Design wise, each and every item featured is filled with shades of red, blue, green and yellow to mimic the card game’s classic colour palette. Read on to find out more about the collection. 

The collection

nike sandals

If you haven’t already got yourself a pair of slides, it’s time to consider getting this pair of vibrantly-coloured UNO versions. The design consists of different layers of coloured fabric stacked together to create the upper vamp. 

To add to the look, there’s a black and white string which criss-crosses over the topmost layer of the slides – making it both a bold and sturdy pair of slip-ons to own. 

uno zoom freak 3s

Shooting the perfect layup takes skill, but it also helps to have a neat pair of kicks to boost your spirits – like these kaleidoscopic Zoom Freak 3’s for example. Even if you don’t play ball, you can pair these lively sneakers with an all black fit and oversized jacket for a striking yet comfy fit. 

giannis nike

The kicks come in 5 different colours for the base but all have the same styling in terms of shape and design. The red version, for example, has its details coloured in the other 3 UNO colours – with green for the bottoms, yellow for the tongue and blue for the laces and tick.

uno shoes

Each version of the kicks also has an added midfoot strap to aid in the shoes functionality and comfort. As an added feature, the UNO cards for the number 3 and 4 are printed on the inner facing side of the shoes as well – 34 being Giannis’ jersey number. 

nike x giannis

Given the matching style and colour palette of the kicks, they’re a fitting pair of sneakers to get as a couple or bestie item so you can match without it looking too identical.   

zoom freak 3

The fifth version of the sneakers in black are styled with a slight difference from the previous 4 – with it’s entire upper covered in UNO card motifs and a dual coloured bottom that’s half red and half blue. 

uno 50th

On the tongue, there’s a special 50th Anniversary logo marking 50 years of the game’s existence. However, the black pair is exclusive to Nike members only.

af1s uno

Apart from the basketball sneakers, the collection also includes a specially stylised pair of AF1 Low’s. Starting with blue for the tips, the other UNO colours are layered along the entire upper of the shoe with yellow reserved for the tick. 

These kicks are great for days when you want to challenge your colour blocking skills, by pairing it with only UNO coloured clothing pieces to create a lively Insta-worthy fit. 

uno shirts

Along with the shoes, the collection also includes 2 black cotton tees with UNO motifs printed on the front for that subtle dash of vibrance. There’s also a matching cap which has a Nike tick and UNO cards embroidered into the front, so you can wear them together to complete the look.

nike uno cards

The final item in the collection are these special edition Giannis UNO cards – and to amp up the game’s intensity, there’s a new rule card that allows players to force a turnover. With this new move, let’s hope game nights don’t get too cut-throat. 

The UNO x Nike Collection Will Bring Back Memories Of Your Childhood Past Time 

Time to take a pause and decide if you want to get yourself a pair of UNO kicks before you skip out on the opportunity. All the UNO x Nike collection items will be released within the next couple of months on Nike’s online site, while the cards will be released on Mattel Creations website.

All images courtesy of UNO

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