Arcade x New Balance Flashback Lookbook 

The ‘80s were cool and the 2000s were pretty eventful, but there’s no doubt that the ‘90s takes the cake for the most epic era for many. It’s the era that brought us our favourite bubblegum pop songs, the most stylish yet comfy fits, iconic board games and of course, Clueless…duh

Arcade, a local fashion brand, has come together with New Balance to create a lookbook inspired by ‘90s pop culture, which features a range of striped polos, denim wear and even bucket hats – this collection definitely smells like teen spirit. 

The apparel 

Jonah Denim Coat and Kegan Denim Jeans

arcade denim

Denim played a huge role in fashion during the ‘90s, so this denim coat and loose jeans combo looks straight out of that decade. The Jonah Denim Coat is collared and made from a soft cotton blend for extra comfort. You can wear it oversized for a boxy fit and some extra streetwear aesthetic. 

The Kegan Denim Jeans on the other hand, are in a mid wash. They have a loose fit and are tapered slightly where they cut off at the bottom. 

The Jonah Denim Coat is priced at $49 while the Kegan Denim Jeans are priced at $40.

Jonah Colourblock Chore Coat

Arcade coat

Alternatively, the Jonah Colourblock Chore Coat has the same design as the previous denim version but with 2 distinct colourways – New Classic and Paddle Pop. While the latter has pastel coloured pockets and a moss green Peter Pan collar, the former utilises the satisfying combination of dark red, blue, yellow and green for its pockets and collar. 

Both the coats have multicoloured buttons to match for a look that’ll take you back to your ring pop-loving days. 

The Jonah Colourblock Chore Coat is priced at $45. 

Kegan Checkered Denim Jeans

arcade checkered denim

If you like your jeans with a bit more shazam, these Kegan Checkered Denim Jeans are the way to go. The contrasting blue hues make the jeans stand out on their own – so all you have to do is throw on any loose tee and your outfit is good to go.

The Kegan Checkered Denim Jeans are priced at $40.  

Elio Oversized Striped Polo

striped polos

As we all know, loose and comfy is a style that always works – like these Elio Oversized Striped Polos and Emmet Twill Shorts, for example. 

The polos are available in numerous colour combinations including these 2 white versions that have either forest green or salmon pink stripes. Aside from shorts, you can also pair them with a white tennis skirt for a more preppy look. 

arcade striped polo

Or, if you want to stand out, the third version of the polo comes in a bright blue and yellow combination for that added summery feel. 

The Elio Oversized Striped Polo is priced at $42. 

Emmett Twill Shorts

twill shorts

For the Emmett Twill Shorts, they are bermuda length twill bottoms with a synched high waist. The shorts come in 4 different colours and will have your friends screaming that’s so 90s with the way they flare out slightly at the bottom. 

The Emmett Twill Shorts are priced at $36. 

Unisex Ringer Tees 

ringer tees

What’s more ‘90s than ringer tees? The collection also carries various styles of printed ringer tees including one which reads “90s kid at heart”, so even those born in different eras can wear it with pride.

Another style of the tee has a simple orange smiley face printed on a white shirt with a black neck and arm lining. 

arcade children ringer tees

Alternatively you can opt for a T-shirt that basically defines the whole collection with the words “‘90s kid” on the front in a bright marigold yellow. 

The ringer tees are also available in children’s sizes for you to match with the little one. This “made by ‘90s kids” version will allow you to get them educated on your personal golden age while they’re still young. 

The unisex ringer tees are priced at $32 for adults and $25 for kids sizes. 

Twill Bucket Hat

Arcade twill bucket hats

To top the collection off, it also features these simple solid coloured Twill Bucket Hats which TBH, will always be a fashion staple no matter how many years have gone by. Colours include pink, forest green, honey yellow and navy, so you can decide if you want to play it subtle or striking with your look. 

The Twill Bucket Hats are priced at $25. 

The sneakers 

new blance 237s

All the Flashback lookbook fits are also spruced up and styled with New Balance 237s, which have a silhouette inspired by ‘70s running shoes. The sneakers come in a wide range of colourways, including one in Bob Marley’s go to colours – red, green and yellow, with a hint of blue. 

new balance 237s

Alternatively, the more neutral coloured versions of sneakers are coloured in shades of grey, white, beige and black that match with almost anything.

The sneakers are available on the New Balance website.  

The Arcade Lookbook In Partnership With New Balance Will Give Your Outfits A ‘90s Throwback 

All the clothing items in the collection are available on Arcade’s website now, along with other pieces, including menswear, that will make you feel nostalgic. With Arcade’s Flashback collection, you’ll be inspired to channel your personal throwback style on your next day out and about. 

All images courtesy of Arcade.

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