Outdoor Fitness Activities

If you’re bored of having to exercise within four walls, it’s time to soak up some Vitamin D. Even though we’ve long accepted that Singapore will forever be a) hot b) sunny c) humid, put on your big girl panties and get your butt out the door. And don’t forget sunblock with PA+++ so you can leave your “I want to be fair” excuse in 2016.

Whenever you think “got things to do meh”, refer to this list of 9 outdoor fitness activities you can drag your girlfriends to. At the end of the workout, we bet you’ll pull a Fat Amy and go, “crushed it.”


1. Surfing


Wave House provides for the lack of large surf-able waves in our tropical paradise and allows beach bums in Singapore to live out their surfer dreams. For those that don’t know how to surf, not to worry! Although they don’t conduct classes, there are instructors on hand to help you out.

If you can’t get enough of the waves, Wave House sells “Flow Cards” that gives you free extra hours depending on the hours you’ve purchased).

Rates: From $35/hr on weekdays for the Double Flowrider, with other packages available.
Address: 36 Siloso Beach Walk

2. Aqua Spinning


If you love the idea of CruCycle but hate the claustrophobia of dark rooms, look no further—Aquaspin brings the fun outdoors. The classes take place inside pools with stationary bikes placed underwater. The pressure from the water provides many benefits; from lesser impact on your joints/muscle soreness and best of all, no sweaty mess afterwards! There are several classes available for people of all fitness levels, so just come armed with a towel, a water bottle, and determination.

Rates: From $50/unlimited classes (one week trial session), with other packages available.
Address: 80 Mount Pleasant Road, 6 Fort Canning Road

3. Parkour


For daredevils who dream about vaulting across railings, parkour might be the sport for you. Albeit dangerous, it’s a full mind and body workout, as you’ll have to face your fears and use your entire body to execute jumps and flips. Superfly Monkey Dragons offers classes for both kids and adults alike while Ashton Movements provides private classes even for families.

According to Ashton, a professional parkour pioneer and founder of Ashton Movements, a student’s progression depends on their athletic ability. Some are able to execute basic jumps after about 8 sessions, while others may take longer to build their muscular strength. He advised that students with weight or health issues should not jump, literally, into Parkour straightaway.

Rates: (Superfly) From $35/hr for parkour classes, with a free intro workshop available (Ashton Movements) $100 per 1-to-1 session for 2 hours
Address: Classes take place in various miscellaneous public locations

4. Stand-up Paddling


An unassuming full-body exercise, stand-up paddleboarding works your entire body by using balance, endurance, and strength while just standing on the board. To attend a class at SUP School, you must book a reservation at least 48 hours in advance. Other classes include SUP Yoga/Fitness, SUP Total Fitness and SUP Pilates/Core. Rates are cheaper if you book as a group, so grab your girlfriends. If you’re already a pro in stand-up paddleboarding, you can opt for board rentals instead.

Rates: SUP lesson from $60/pax/hr in a group of 4+, with other packages available.
Address: No fixed address, but the meet-up point is Tanjong Beach

5. Stand-up Paddling Yoga


That’s right, it’s exactly what it sounds like—yoga, but on paddle boards. The instability caused by being on water requires a lot more core strength than regular yoga. For paddlers, SUP Yoga trains your flexibility. Don’t worry about floating away, because if you’re practicing in the sea, they’ll anchor your board down near the shore. However, on good days they’ll allow the boards to calmly float along while practicing yoga. Classes occur on Sunday afternoons/evenings, and a minimum of 4 pax/class is necessary for a class to happen. Reservations need to be made at least a week in advance.

Rates: $55/pax/class
Address: 131 Pasir Ris Beach Park

6. Kayaking and Canoeing


You might have heard about the insider story we wrote about Team Singapore’s kayaking sisters but to experience it for yourself, drop by Kallang Water Sports Centre! If you’d rather have a boat to yourself, rent a kayak. But with a canoe, you’ll be able to share the burden/joy of rowing with someone else. You’ll get to be in the water without getting wet and enjoy the scenic view while paddling.

Rates: From $12/pax/2hr for non-peak hours on weekdays, with other packages available.
Address: 8 Stadium Walk

7. Paintball


While paintball is seemingly more popular amongst men, it also makes for an exhilarating girl’s day out. Because these paint bullets actually hurt, you’ll be on your feet in order to dodge the bullets, so trust us, you’ll sweat buckets. It’s an ideal bonding activity as teamwork is vital to winning a round of paintball. Red Dynasty sells different themed packages, with “James Bond”, “The Godfather”, “Rambo”, and “Darth Vader” being options, so you can live out your movie fantasies.

Rates: From $29.90/pax/hr for the “James Bond” package, with other packages available.
Address: 220 Turf Club Road, 81 Lorong Chencharu, 2 Admiralty Road East

8. Boot Camps


With a variety of classes at UFIT, such as BOXFIT, HIITFIT, YOGAFIT, and QUICKFIT, you’ll be spoiled for choice. They also have specific female-only boot camps called SHEFIT. Their classes are conveniently timed before and after work hours, so you have no excuse not to keep healthy. With sessions taking place at various outdoor locations in Singapore, there’s bound to be a session happening near you!

Rates: From $35/hr for one drop-in session, with other packages available.
Address: Varies depending on class, timing, and day

9. Rock Climbing


A complete workout physically and mentally, rock climbing requires precision, determination, and perseverance in order for you to reach the top. The Cliff’s wall is wide enough to accommodate around 20 climbers at once and has different heights for all difficulty levels. They also offer climbing lessons and abseiling workshops.

Rates: Entry fee of $11/pax, excluding equipment costs.
Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall

Staying Fit

Paintball and parkour may be fun workouts but if you’d prefer working out indoors with ~air-conditioning~, you can always check out these 12 boutique fitness studios in Singapore.