Oyster bag & handkerchief set 

Japanese online store Felissimo has collaborated with JR West (West Japan Railway Company) on a realistic-looking oyster shoulder bag and a handkerchief set. 

The humorous collaboration aims to pique tourists’ interest in visiting areas around the Setouchi Sea. This includes Hiroshima, which is known for its oysters. 

Mini bags, though impractical, are becoming a major fashion statement. So, why not add this bag to your collection? Let’s take a look at the products.

Oyster shoulder bag

oyster-bag (2)The shoulder bag mimics the shell of an actual oyster. From the uneven grooves to patches of algae, the details of the design are impeccable. The bag comes with an adjustable grey sling. It is detachable, so you can easily convert it into a clutch purse as well.

And because one can never go wrong with a squeeze of lemon on their freshly shucked oysters, there’s a thin lemon slice attached to one of the zippers. Like oysters, lemons are a popular produce from Hiroshima prefecture. The other zipper has a gorgeous pearl attached, contrasting with the playfulness of the design. Talk about looking cute and feeling opulent at the same time.

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Oyster meat coin pouch

oyster-bag (3)Hidden inside the bag is also a coin pouch that resembles plump-looking oyster meat. The main feature that caught my eye is the frill-like mantle of the oyster flesh. 

This pouch is big enough to store some sweets, your latest Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary EZ-Link card, a debit or credit card and a lipstick of your choice.

Oyster handkerchief

oyster-bag (4)The collection also includes an oyster handkerchief set. They come in 2 designs—or rather, two kinds of doneness—raw and grilled. The detailing here is extremely on point as well. 

oyster-bag (5)The ‘raw’ one unfolds to reveal white oyster flesh on the inside while the grilled one looks lightly charred, with what seems to be soy sauce drizzled over.

Oyster bag & handkerchief set 

These oyster products are now available on Felissimo’s website as the latest addition to its “YOU + MORE!” line of novelty goods. The shoulder bag and coin pouch come as a bundle for ¥3,700 (~S$46.81) while a set of 2 handkerchiefs retails at ¥1,300 (~S$16.45). 

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