Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards

EZ-Link has just released 2 new designs by Sanrio commemorating Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary. The Hello Kitty cards are available at GV Cinemas islandwide for $10, with no load value.

Design A

hello-kitty-cards (2)

The first design on the left has a white background with various geometric-shaped confetti and Hello Kitty’s iconic bow scattered all over. 

The star of the show herself is seen in the middle of the card, above the words, “Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary”. She is wearing a gold crown to celebrate this joyous occasion. 

She is also joined by other Sanrio characters—Cinnamoroll, Keroppi, Pochacco, Pompompurin, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Maru, Minna No Tabo, Tuxedo Sam and the Little Twin Stars—in her festive celebration. They are all donning some form of a party accessory, such as party hats and blowers. Some of them have gifts in their hands as well.

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Design B

hello-kitty-cards (2)

The second design, on the other hand, is set at a party. A shower of the same geometric confetti motif can be seen in the background behind a set of striped pink drapes.

Our focus is immediately set on the feline superstar. Still wearing her crown, she is now seen sitting on top of a humongous tiered cake, with a heart in her hand.

She is once again joined by her pals, who are now surrounding the cake. There are 2 additional guests this time round—Hangyodon and Pekkle. The design is finished with a pink banner in the foreground, announcing Kitty’s 45th anniversary.

Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards Now Available

Hello Kitty has become an internationally beloved character over the past 45 years. To celebrate her 45th anniversary, Sanrio has collaborated with major brands including Levi’s, Herschel Supply Co. and Lesportsac.

If you’re a major fan of Hello Kitty, you definitely won’t want to omit these colourful cards from your collection. They can be purchased at GV Cinemas islandwide (while stocks last). Each customer is entitled to a maximum purchase of 5 pieces per transaction.

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