Pandora CNY Collection 

One of the exciting things about celebrating Chinese New Year has to be the new clothes you can flaunt. If you feel like your OOTD this year is a little drab, Pandora has just dropped their Chinese New Year collection complete with adorable charms with designs featuring the likes of mahjong tiles and angbaos. Take a closer look at the charms in the collection that could very well be your next favourite accessory.

Animal charms

pandora cny collection cat and rabbit charm

If the cat charm on the left looks familiar, that’s because it’s inspired by the popular fortune cat design. The cat, Maneki Neko, is a sign of good fortune. Decked in gold and red colours, the cat is seen with a cute smiling expression as its left paw and right foot are lifted. There is also the Chinese character “cai”, which means fortune, carved in black on the tile it’s carrying. Add it to your bracelet for extra huat this CNY. 

Additionally, you can opt for the Shining Rabbit charm on the right decked with a crown and adorable gold ears. 

Both charms retail at $99 each.

pandora cny collection tiger charm

Match your shiny rabbit charm with a similar tiger charm. Coming in gold, the tiger has a crown and comes with crystal eyes. The tiger’s nose, mouth, and stripes have been engraved on the charm, bringing the fearsome creature to life.

The Shining Tiger Charm retails at $99. 

pandora cny collection lion charms

Hearing the sounds of lion dances are not uncommon during CNY. With these two lion charms, channel your inner braveheart when you add these to your bracelet. 

Just like the lion dance, the red lion charm on the left is patterned with silver and red patterns to replicate the lion cover worn by the dancers. The Chinese Lion New Year Charm retails at $99.

On the right, the fierce golden Pixiu lion charm has a redcai sign on the chest, along with crystal eyes. The Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm retails at $129.

pandora cny collection rabbit and phoenix charms

The beautiful phoenix charm on the left is bejewelled with blue, red, and pink crystals and has an elegant pose. Representing rebirth, the phoenix charm would make a super chio conversation starter with your relatives. The Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dangle Charm retails at $99.

Honouring the Year of the Rabbit is a rose gold rabbit charm clutching a red heart. It has pink crystal eyes and has a cheeky smile, along with long and floppy ears. The Chinese Year Of The Rabbit Charm retails at $129.

pandora cny collection koi fish charms

The koi fish charm is cutely shaped just like the ones we see in our ponds. With an elaborate design of red and silver patterns, the koi fish has a small silver heart on the left of its body. Additionally, the underside of the belly sports a red heart, giving this lifelike charm a touch of bling

The Good Fortune Carp Fish Dangle Charm retails at $129. 

CNY themed charms

pandora cny collection angbao charms

With these charms, receive more angbaos this year and attract wealth to yourself. 

Made in a miniature version of the traditional red angbaos, the gold and red decorated charm features the Chinese character “Fu”, which means wealth. Gold coins are seen spilling out of the red packet, which is exactly what you’d want this year as well. 

The Two-Tone Red Envelope Dangle Charm retails at $129. 

pandora cny collection mahjong charms

CNY is a time when many of our relatives gather to play mahjong. To celebrate this traditional game, the collection includes the silver mahjong tile-inspired charms in red and green for a lucky win. 

The designed tiles of bamboo and circles are made with red and green crystals and follow the traditional mahjong set colours. The set also includes a singularFa tile in red. 

The Mahjong Triple Dangle Charm retails at $129 while the Mahjong Dangle Charm retails at $89. 

pandora cny collection circle charms

Go for gold and switch up your fit with these two circle charms. Opt for a pink glow with a gold and pink ji charm on the left. It also comes with a pink and silver hook. The Spinning Lucky Dangle Charm retails at $159.

If you’re feeling lucky this year, go for the silver and gold embedded “Fu” charm on the right with two gold circles wrapping around the Chinese character. This Two-Tone Fu Spinning Dangle Charm retails at $149. 

pandora cny collection red daruma doll charm

Typically part of Japanese culture, this red daruma doll has been made into an adorable charm that can be fitted on your bracelet. With the features seemingly hand-painted on with red, black, silver, and yellow strokes, the Chinese character “Fu” is featured beneath the doll’s face. 

The Red Daruma Doll Charm retails at $89.

Other products

pandora cny collection rabbit firecracker bracelet

Even though firecrackers are banned in Singapore, bring the festive energy back with this adjustable firecracker bracelet. It has two red gems on each hook and is completed with a star at the end. 

The Firecracker Pavé Bars Bracelet retails at $249.

pandora cny collection angbao bracelet

Opt for this bracelet set if you’re planning to give a gift to someone. With a braided red bracelet and gold finishings, the set is completed with the angbao charm, and is perfect for a simple yet sophisticated gift for your friends. 

The LNY Bracelet and Charm Gift Set retails at $189.

pandora cny collection rabbit bracelet

Additionally, the braided red bracelet comes with a rabbit charm. Here’s to good luck for the rest of the Rabbit Year with a chio bracelet to boot. 

The Chinese Year Of The Rabbit Charm and Red Woven Leather Bracelet Set retails at $228.

pandora cny collection three charms set

If you can’t decide which charm to get for your bracelet, opt for this triple charm set which includes the angbao, ”Fu” character, and the mahjong tiles charms. Be it for yourself or as a gift, it’ll definitely up the bling factor for any occasion. 

The Lunar New Year Charm Set retails at $407. 

pandora cny collection gold charms set

Gold-lovers, don’t fret – your luck will be off the charts with the Lunar New Year Fortune Charm Set that includes the gold fortune cat, angbao, and rabbit charms. 

The set retails at $327. 

The Pandora CNY Collection Will Dazzle Up Your Fit For Your House Visits

During this festive season, your overall fit can shine thanks to just the accessories. Pair these creative Pandora CNY-themed charms together and you’ll instantly stand out. If you’re interested in purchasing the Pandora collection, it is available in stores and on their website

All images courtesy of Pandora

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