Bottega Veneta Fortune Cookie Bag

Bottega Veneta isn’t disappointing fans after the release of their “maggi mee” purse and “noodle” bag ‒ they most recently released their Turn Pouch in gold, which brings to mind fortune cookies that are perfect to bring around this CNY. 

So, if you’re already planning your OOTD for the approaching festive season, consider making a statement with this bag from the luxury brand.  

The bag

Since gold represents prosperity and fortune, this Turn Pouch from Bottega Veneta will be on point when you bring them on house visits this CNY. 

Bottega Veneta Fortune Cookie Bag

Thanks to how similar the bag reminds us of a fortune cookie, it might even be your lucky charm to score extra huat when you enter the Year of the Rabbit. 

The Turn Pouch features Bottega Veneta’s signature weave that is made with laminated leather, giving it a unique texture. It seals off with a zip closure on top, and when you open it, you will be greeted by the lambskin lining on the inside. 

Available in two sizes, the smaller Turn Pouch has a dimension of 19cm x 29cm x 3cm, whereas the bigger one is 23.5cm x 39cm x 1cm. But regardless of which size you decide to get, the Turn Pouch is capable of storing your essentials like a handphone and a wallet.   

Apart from being a fortune cookie lookalike, the Turn Pouch is also capable of providing you with two different looks. You can tighten the knob on the adjustable handle to transform it into a wristlet or wear it over your shoulder as an everyday bag. 

The Turn Pouch retails at $3,280 and $4,200 for the small and medium sizes respectively. 

This Bottega Veneta Bag Makes Us Curious About Our Fortune This CNY

While we have to admit that the price of these Bottega Veneta bags leans towards the pricier end, you can opt to simply snack on fortune cookies this CNY instead. 

Those who are keen on adding a dash of gold to their OOTD can purchase the bag on Bottega Veneta’s official website

All images courtesy of Bottega Veneta

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