Pandora x Winnie The Pooh

With the year coming to a close, it signals the end of Disney 100’s celebration, which has extended across various brands such as NTUC FairPrice and Adidas. Now, Pandora has dropped its final piece in the Pandora Disney 100 collection, featuring an adorable Winnie The Pooh Charm. Read on to find out more about this dainty accessory. 

The charm

Pandora x Winnie The Pooh

Made of sterling silver, the Disney 100th Anniversary Winnie The Pooh Dangle Charm features the bear holding a honey pot, with 14k gold “honey” dripping down. Upon closer inspection, you will notice a lab-grown diamond that adds sparkle to the accessory, right in the middle of the pot.

Accompanying the Winnie The Pooh charm is an exclusive Disney 100 bracelet that comes with a Mickey Mouse-shaped charm. Since the latter also features a dash of 14k gold, highlighting the Disney 100 logo, the charm and bracelet work perfectly together as a gift for a Winnie The Pooh lover this holiday season. 

The Disney 100th Anniversary Winnie The Pooh Dangle Charm and bracelet retails at $299. 

Make This Holiday Season Extra Special With The Pandora x Winnie The Pooh Charm

If you have yet to get a gift for your significant other this holiday season, consider heading down to any Pandora outlet or shopping on their official online store for the limited edition Pandora x Winnie The Pooh charm. 

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All images courtesy of Pandora.

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