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Starting a new job is already an exciting experience in itself. Receiving practical customised gifts as a show of support can further motivate one to work harder as they embark on a new chapter of their career. From mugs to perfumes and flash drives, these personalised gifts available in Singapore could even act as conversation starters and allow your friend’s new coworkers to get to know them better.

1. Notebook or planner

personalised gifts bynd artisan

A good notebook or planner is a workplace essential. Not only will it help keep you organised, it is also useful for keeping track of your progress.

Bynd Artisan lets you customise a notebook for your friend—from the cover and the twin wire binding the book together, all the way to the contents within.

The cover options include over 60 colours and textures, from minimalist Naturale Black to statement-making Python Gold. Inside, choose from a 2021 planner, blank, lined or dotted pages, and even coloured paper. Lastly, have their name spelt out on the front in 15 characters or less in rose gold, gold and silver.

Price: $35
Shipping fee: Free
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2. Lanyard + cardholder

personalised gifts the grey space

If your friend has to travel to their new office regularly, a monogrammed cardholder to store their EZ-Link card and staff ID pass would be greatly appreciated.

The Grey Space Co. offers the Laura Lanyard, which combines a lanyard and a cardholder in 1 product with an additional zip on its side. The space at the bottom of the cardholder allows for a name or nickname of 9 characters maximum. Your friend can use it to store cash for when they’re headed out to lunch with their new colleagues.

Price: $20.90
Shipping fee: $3.50 for normal courier, self-collection available
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3. Perfume

personalised gifts the lab

Making a good first impression is always important, especially at the workplace. A pleasant perfume does the trick to introduce yourself and come off as a professional individual who takes pride in being well-groomed and put-together.

The LAB allows you to pick from 10 different fragrances to find the one most suitable for your friend. There are scents that everybody loves like Citrus & Lavender or more unique options like Earl Grey. These are available in the form of a perfume oil, eau de parfum and extrait de parfum, labelled with the recipient’s name. 

Price: From $78 for a 30ml Perfume Oil
Shipping fee: Free
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4. Drink Tumbler 

personalised-gifts-singapore - alskar singaporeSource

Hydration is important, which is why a personalised tumbler makes a really good gift. Think about it ‒ it’s practical yet stylish to have on any work desk. 

Alskar has a 16oz double wall acrylic tumbler with a newly designed plastic lid that allows you to sip easily using its reusable straw. The tumbler has an inner seal ring that prevents accidental spillage and also features a soft-touch rubber matte finish.

After choosing from 8 different shades for the base of the tumbler, the next step is to select one of their 15 vinyl colours and 16 fonts for your friend’s name. Switch things up by customising their nickname or a personality trait that’s so them instead.

The best thing about Alskar is that you can preview the final product by experimenting with the colours and fonts on their website. This way, you can be sure that the tumbler is exactly to their liking, so you can impress your giftee with your thoughtful gesture.

Apart from personalised tumblers, Alskar also offers other customisable gifts such as cosmetic pouches, bracelets, and leather keychains.  

Price: $17.90
Shipping fee: $4.29
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5. Laptop sleeve

personalised gifts the imprint

For days when they need to move their laptop between their home and the office, or if they’re working from a cafe, a good laptop sleeve guarantees their computers are safe and secure. 

The Imprint carries a Personal Bundle Set that includes both a laptop sleeve and an A5 notebook for an easy 2-in-1 gift. There are 4 colour options available for the sleeve and you can also purchase it by itself. The colours are Black, Burgundy, Navy and Nude, which will keep your friend’s workspace looking classy and professional.

The monogram text comes in gold, rose gold and silver with a maximum of 8 characters. 

Price: From $53.90 for a Saffiano Laptop Sleeve
Shipping fee: Free, $4 for standard courier
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6. Name card holder

personalised gifts rever

A new job means new name cards for your friend to introduce themselves with. To make carrying their business cards more convenient, consider getting them a sleek and stylish name card holder. 

The Remy Name Card Holder from Rever comes in 5 colours, namely Navy, Burgundy, Tan, Taupe and Red. The inside of the holder has a space to deboss your friend’s name or nickname so long as it’s within the 8-character limit. For $20, there is also the option of having their name on the holder in gold foil.

Price: From $138 for a Remy Name Card Holder
Shipping fee: Free, self-collection available
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7. Pen

personalised gifts cityluxe
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Our offices might be increasingly paperless, but there are still times when a pen comes in handy, such as signing a contract or documents. 

Cityluxe offers pen engraving services of up to 14 characters on a range of different pen types. It has ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils for taking down notes quickly and fountain pens for signing documents when needed.

Price: From $15.90 for a Monteverde Poquito Stylus Modern Red ballpoint pen and from an additional $5 (U.P. $15) for Pen Engraving services
Shipping fee: Varies depending on which service you choose, self-collection available, visits its Delivery page for more information
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8. Pouch

personalised gifts amusse

Your friend would most likely need a pouch to store their stationery, chargers and necessities when they head to the office. 

Help them stay organised with a personalised pouch from Amusse. There are pouches ranging from 5 inches to 9 inches to fit whatever your friend needs to carry for work. In addition to being able to pick out a purse in a colour they like, you’ll also get to choose everything else that makes up the bag. For example, you could add a patterned panel on the outside, a fabric of your choice for the inner lining and even the colour of the zipper. 

Most importantly, you can choose for their name or initials to be monogrammed on the front of the pouch so it feels special, as long as it is below 12 characters.

Price: From $22.90 for a 5-inch pouch
Shipping fee: Calculated at checkout
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9. Flash drive

personalised gifts the peppy curator

A personalised flash drive may not be at the top of your idea list for gifts, but starting a new job means new projects and assignments to work on and organise on their computer. If your friend did not have the habit of backing up their work or organising what projects they’re handling, help them out with a flash drive that lets them keep track of what they’re doing.

The Peppy Curator allows you to etch your friend’s name onto the crystal surface of its Crystal USB Flash Drive, with up to 9 characters. The other half of the flash drive comprises a chic and sophisticated rose gold metal.

Price: From $26 for a Personalised Crystal USB Flash Drive
Shipping fee: Calculated at checkout, self-collection available, find more information on the Delivery page
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10. Mug


We all know someone who needs a cup of coffee or 2 to get through the work day. And if your friend will be leaving their mug in the office pantry, having it personalised with their name also means it won’t be easily mixed up with their coworkers’ cups.

Celebloons has 18 types of customised mugs on top of its many other personalised gifts in Singapore. There are simple and chic designs like a rounded marble mug with your friend’s name printed in gold. Or, choose a Pink-Red Terrazzo Mug with Lid and Spoon to keep her drink warm even if she’s away from her desk.

Price: From $22 for a Personalised Mt Fuji Glass
Shipping fee: Calculated at checkout
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These Personalised Gifts In Singapore Will Be Helpful For Friends Who Are Starting New Jobs

These personalised gifts in Singapore will be useful for a pal starting work in a new environment. To further congratulate them on bagging a new job, check out these gift delivery services in Singapore to send them your well wishes.

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