Pop Mart Makeup Collection

Earlier this year, Pop Mart launched a toy show at Marina Bay Sands, where avid collectors were treated to a fun exhibition featuring artists and exclusive merch. For those who can’t get enough of the blind box hype, you can now get your hands on this Pop Mart makeup collection from Shopee, starring six popular characters we know and love.


The Pop Mart makeup collection was launched by Into You, a China makeup brand which ships their products internationally. Fans can choose from three blush shades with the characters Crybaby, Dimoo and Satyr Rory designed on the covers.

Pop Mart Makeup

The blushes each come with a mirror on the inner cover, along with a matching makeup puff of the characters as well.

Each character also sports a different blush shade: Bright Orange, Dream Pink and Intoxicating Pink. The soft and natural pigmentation is perfect for those who are looking to do an easy everyday makeup look.

The blush retails at $17.84 each.

Lip muds

Get matching lip muds — which FYI, are Into You’s best selling products — to complete your makeup collection. Unlike your typical glosses and mattes, these lip muds have a thin, translucent texture that creates a velvety lip look. 

There are six lippies in total, each featuring a Pop Mart character on the side: Dimoo, Crybaby, Labubu, Skull Panda, Satry Rory and LiLiOS.

The lip muds range from nude and pink shades to a unique black pigment inspired by Skull Panda’s cyberpunk goth style.

Pop Mart Makeup

The best part? Each lip mud comes packaged in an adorable box that reminds us of Pop Mart’s signature blind boxes. Luckily, there’s no need to shake the boxes and manifest your desired character, as you’ll be able to purchase the lip muds of your choice. 

The lip muds are available at $17.84 each.

This Pop Mart Makeup Collection Is For Avid Collectors To Expand Their Merch

Pop Mart Makeup

Even if you’re not a Pop Mart collector, you can’t deny how cute this makeup collection looks. Head over to Shopee to purchase the collection, or stay tuned to Into You’s website to keep yourself updated on more exciting collections. 

All images courtesy of Shopee.

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