Penis-Shaped Makeup Applicator

You see, I’m not the most diligent person when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges. As such, I tend to use my hands when applying makeup. But, whether you’re part of Team Hand or Team Sponge, there is a new makeup applicator in town that might just pique your interest.

Introducing the Leia Ultraflesh Blender — an eco-friendly alternative to traditional beauty blenders, uniquely shaped like a… penis.

The makeup applicator

It is also available in lavender

Chances are, you took a second look before wondering if you’re seeing things. Well, you’re not. Yes, the Ultraflesh Blender resembles a penis, complete with a “ball sack”. Its suggestive name also reminds us of a sex toy, but rest assured, it has nothing to do with any naughty deeds. 

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According to the tutorial video, the makeup applicator features an ergonomic design that ensures a perfect grip while using the beauty tool. It also comes with dual textures that offer light to full coverage when applying foundation. 

Penis-Shaped Makeup ApplicatorSource

To clarify, the Ultraflesh Blender is not a sponge ‒ it doesn’t absorb any products when applied to your face. This means not only do you save around 50% of your makeup products, but you also get to contribute to sustainability since the Ultraflesh Blender is reusable. 

You only need water to clean it, and you can be sure that there are no remnants of makeup products visible to the naked eye. 

Most importantly, it serves as an alternative to traditional makeup sponges, reducing waste over time. 

Penis-Shaped Makeup ApplicatorSource

What’s more, the makeup applicator includes a ventilated hard case with magnetic closure that allows you to store it in your makeup pouch without dirtying it. 

Each Leia Ultraflesh Blender retails at USD$59 (~S$80.40).

This Penis-Shaped Makeup Applicator Might Replace Your Beauty Sponges In The Future

It’s not every day we encounter a makeup applicator with such a unique shape, making the Ultraflesh Blender by Leia worth considering for your beauty routine. While it doesn’t come with an affordable price tag, it seems like something to invest in, considering how it contributes to sustainability. 

Find out more and purchase the Ultraflesh Blender on Leia’s office website

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