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Now that I’m about to hit the big 3-0, taking care of my skin and staying healthy are my top priorities. This means I have to cut down on some of my guilty pleasures, like drinking bubble tea and eating instant noodles. 

Luckily, Indonesian instant noodles brand Indomie has collaborated with Rabbit Habit to release beauty products, such as sheet masks and face palettes, so I can still “indulge” whenever I want.  

The sheet masks

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Indomie sheet masks was “Will they smell like Indomie?” Well, to save you from curiosity, the answer is no. 

Indomie Beauty ProductsFrom left: Indomie Goreng Active Collagen Essential Mask, Indomie Kuah Calming Treatment Mask
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The sheet masks come in two options ‒ Indomie Goreng Active Collagen Essential Mask and Indomie Kuah Calming Treatment Mask ‒ that target different skin troubles. For instance, the Indomie Goreng Active Collagen Essential Mask rejuvenates your skin and counters anti-aging.

On the other hand, Indomie Kuah Calming Treatment Mask helps calm sensitive skin while also boosting your skin’s moisture. 

No matter which mask you choose, it will leave your skin feeling supple and soft.


Upon opening the sheet mask, you’ll be treated to a surprise. Unlike standard sheet masks that come in plain translucent white, these ones feature bowls of Indomie motifs. Chances are, the whimsical details will put a smile on your face, and they are perfect for occasions like a girls’ sleepover or stay-at-home date night with bae

Each Indomie sheet mask retails at $5.90.

Face palettes


For the unacquainted, face palettes are super handy for makeup girlies because they contain everything you need for a full-face complexion. These ones by Indomie include six eyeshadows, two highlighters, and two lip and cheek shades.

Similar to the sheet masks, the two face palettes feature a rabbit motif from Rabbit Habit enjoying a bowl of Indomie. 

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The Over The Moon Face Palette offers colours with a darker range that suit an autumn look, while the Moongazing Face Palette has a warmer undertone, allowing you to play with colours like orange and shimmery gold. 

Each face palette retails at $39.42. 

These Beauty Products From Indomie Are Novelty Items To Add To Your Collection

Indomie fans and beauty lovers can now get the best of both worlds with these whimsical sheet masks and face palettes from Indomie. They are available for purchase at the official Rabbit Habit’s store on Shopee.

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