Queer Eye Lego Set 

As member of Queer Eye’s Fab 5 Karamo preaches, “When people build up walls, they end up keeping other people out”. So rather than boxing yourself in, why not build with Lego instead? Most of us aren’t strangers to Netflix’s Queer Eye and The Fab 5’s illustrious dynamics, which have now been morphed into a Lego set that features figurines and pieces to make the loft that they hang out at IRL. 

The Queer Eye Lego set will lift your spirits with pieces that allow you to create your very own makeover studio and spiffed-up kitchen. So while we await season 6 of the series, we can relish the edifying spirit of the makeover gang with this unique collectible. 

The set 

QE lego

The 974-piece set is complete with areas that showcase the different skills of the quintet. The Lego pieces include figurines, miniature furniture, stylish decor and even replicas of appliances you would find in the Fab 5’s very own kitchen. 

The figurines 

Fab 5 figurines

The main figurines in the set include Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Antoni and Jonathan Van Ness aka JVN with the fabulous hair. In addition to that, there’s even a Lego piece commemorating Bruley, the french bulldog, who’s no longer here with us today – brb I’m not crying, you are.



The loft

fab 5 loft

In its entirety, the Lego pieces form the Fab 5’s loft, finished with Bobby-approved decor and the television where they usually watch their makeover magic unravel. Different areas of the loft are fixed with accessories based on various segments on the show. 

queer eye lego

Given how we all know how Tan feels about style, the collection offers lego-sized wardrobe options that can be hung up on a mini-clothes rack. The rack is removable so you can rearrange it wherever you like, depending on your very own preference. 

queer eye lego

While the clothing’s being prepped, you can head on down to the hairstyling area where Jonathan will make you “fall in love with yourself” all over. Surprise surprise, another figurine of Jonathan’s ex-high school teacher, Kathi Dooley, also comes along with the set so you can transform her into the boss that she is. 

antoni kitchen

Let’s not forget about the kitchen area – Antoni would be livid without a space to whip up some yummy munchies. 



Hopefully, the Lego fridge is stocked with food items, if not maybe the mini coffee machine will please Antoni just enough. 

fab 5 lego

Finally, the Lego pieces can also be used to form a living room area, fit with a couch and table so Karamo can soothe us with his wise words – after voicing out a couple of painful truths first, of course. 



The set will be made available in Lego stores globally from 1 October 2021, and is priced at $99.99 USD (~S$134.11). Whether you’ve outgrown Legos or not, this Queer Eye-themed set will motivate you to hope right back into collecting them all over. If, in Tan’s words, “it’s the gayest thing [you’ve] ever seen” in the best way possible, why not gift it to your Queer Eye watching friends too?

This Queer Eye Lego Set Will Help You Capture A Tinge Of The Fab 5’s Makeover Magic 

The Queer Eye Lego set is meant to capture the inspiring and eye-opening nature of the show through its design. After all, it’s not just about the makeovers that happen on-screen, it’s the transformation of people’s lives and the creation of a more caring and kinder world that the gang sparks. 

All images courtesy of The Brick Fan unless otherwise stated. 

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