Quirky Nail Sculptures

With quirky designs that pay tribute to Haidilao and Durex, nail artists are standing out with more than just nail polishes and gel builders. London-based self-taught nail artist Sophie Parkinson is no exception, and has been breaking boundaries with her miniature nail sculptures inspired by her daily life. 

Read on to learn more about her tasteful designs that will never have you look at nail art the same way again. 

The designs

Water coolers are commonly found along corridors of lecture halls, so you’d probably be caught off guard when you see them on nails ‒ Sophie lets you “quench” your thirst with this water cooler nail sculpture that actually works.


The adorable design is capable of holding a few drops of water and dispensing them ‒ you can even fit a tiny glass cup to collect the water. 


We all have that one friend who loves booze ‒ consider showing them this design the next time they ask for a nail inspo. Featuring a drinking glass on every finger, each sculpture is capable of holding your favourite alcoholic beverage. 

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What’s so amazing about Sophie’s designs is that they also depict a piece of her daily life. Check out this one, that reflects her morning routine of washing up in front of the mirror. 

One of the nail designs features a tiny mirror, sink, and bathroom tiles, and another shows a sculpture of a girl washing her face. Put them together, and you’ll see a common scene from a bathroom. 

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Sophie’s creativity truly has no limits. Featuring a refrigerator sculpture that opens up, the design even stores milk cartons with actual milk that you can pour inside a “glass cup” found on another nail. 

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If that’s not impressive enough ‒ Sophie has even more designs that are out of this world. You can make use of this mini crane sculpture to “lift” heavy things, and reminisce about the good ol’ times when you swam in the pool with your bestie through this swimming pool art sculpture. 

These Nail Sculptures By Sophie Parkison Are Art Pieces In Their Own Right 

While Sophie currently only accepts commissioned designs, hopefully, we will see her open up her own nail salon one day. For more unique designs by Sophie, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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