Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

Earlier this year, Sailor Moon released their Maybelline makeup collection in celebration of its 25th anniversary. To end 2021 with a bang, Sailor Moon has also recently dropped a hair curler and nail set that allow you to undergo a magical transformation. Continue reading on to find out how you can doll up in style with these beauty items. 

Hair curler

For those who don’t know, Sailor Moon is a manga where 10 Sailor Guardians with magical abilities come together to protect the universe. All of them have beautiful, silky hair which is perhaps why Sailor Moon has decided to release this pastel pink hair curler ‒ so you can also undergo a beautiful hair transformation yourself, especially with the new year just around the corner.  

Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

Apart from pink, the golden accents on the iron curler, buttons and near the base also complement the colour palette. You’ll even spot a pink crystal stone above the display screen which makes the hair curler even more mystical.   

Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

Upon closer inspection, the lower section of the hair curler also features motifs of the moon, stars and the ribbon which Sailor Moon wears on her uniform. 

But that’s not all – there are even more details for fans to discover and reminisce the memories they have with Sailor Moon. 

Starting from the top of the hair curler, the see-through cap includes a reflective gem that brings to mind the lights that shine from Sailor Moon’s Crescent Moon Wand. Making your way down, you’ll also notice how the iron curler is embossed with the words “Sailor Moon”. 

When switched on, the screen display pays tribute to Sailor Moon by featuring the silhouette of her. Of course, you won’t miss out on the shiny crescent moon accessory that hangs at the end of the hair curler either. 

Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

Thanks to its 11 heat settings that range from 100 to 200 degrees, you can get your hair curled quickly in no time. For a more kawaii touch, it also comes with a pouch for you to keep it in when not in use. 

The hair curler retails at ¥12,980 (~S$156.40). 

Nail set

Having a pretty set of nails can lift up your mood and for a self-pampering sesh, you can care for your nails with Sailor Moon’s Crystal Power Nail Shiner. 

From left: Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus

The nail appliance comes in 5 designs featuring Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus’ iconic colours. 

Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

Unlike others that have a star with their respective symbol, the Sailor Moon design stands out as it comes in the form of her Crescent Moon Wand.

Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

The nail care appliance has four properties such as cuticle care, nail shaping, surface adornment and glossing. Plus, it is equipped with a two-stage speed switch, which allows those new to the tool to adjust the speed accordingly.

As a bonus, you get to keep the tools inside an adorable pink draw-string pouch with motifs of crescent moons, ribbons and stars.  

The Crystal Power Nail Shiner retails at ¥5,500 (~S$66.30).

Doll Up For This Year End Using The Sailor Moon Hair Curler And Nail Set

The Sailor Moon hair curler and nail set will make your primping session more fun thanks to the colour palette and adorable designs. Unfortunately, they are currently only available for those residing in Japan and you might want to look for freight forwarders that ship them to Singapore. For more details, you can visit Sailor Moon’s official store on Instagram.   

All images courtesy of Sailor Moon’s official store.

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