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Sanrio Giant Plushies

Last year, Pokémon fans were treated to extra large bean bags in Snorlax and Ditto designs. For uwu girls who are on the lookout for cuter alternatives, Sanrio Japan has collaborated with homeware brand Makuake to bring us giant Sanrio plushies in adorable designs of Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll and more.

The design

Each Sanrio plushie comes in different sizes depending on the character, ranging from 142cm to 200cm. With a plush that’s as tall as an average human, you wouldn’t need any other stuffed toys on your bed anymore.

Unlike typical stuffed toys that you can easily pick up and cuddle to sleep, these giant plushies can also double up as a mattress to sleep on. The next time you invite your girlfriends over for a sleepover party, surprise them by whipping out these Sanrio plushies as an extra sleeping space.

Sanrio Giant Plushies

Sanrio brings each character to life with extra fluffy and soft textures on the plush toys, proving to be a comfy cuddle buddy while you take an afternoon nap.

Sanrio Giant Plushies

You can even prop the plushies against your furniture or wall so that it can be used as a beanbag, perfect for nua days while you kill time on your phone.

Other characters

Sanrio Giant Plushies

Apart from the mischievous Kuromi, other giant characters such as Hello Kitty, Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll are also available. There are nine designs in total, each with varying sizes and prices on Makuake’s website.

These Giant Sanrio Plushies Are A Kawaii Addition To Your Household

The giant Sanrio plushies are retailing at ¥50,000 (~SGD$504) each on Makuake’s online store. Unfortunately, Makuake only offers shipping in Japan, so you can opt for freight-forwarding services or keep your fingers crossed that these will reach their international store that ships to Singapore soon. 

All images courtesy of Makuake.

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