Pokemon Bean Bags

From Snorlax swimming floats to Pikachu pillows, the Pokemon Center store has always been blessing us with adorable merch of our favourite characters. This time round, Pokemon Center has teamed up with US retail company Yogibo to bring us extra large Pokemon bean bags shaped like Snorlax and Ditto.

The design

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Standing at 114cm high and 76cm wide, the Snorlax bean bag has its arms spread wide to invite you for a lay on its belly. Snorlax has always been a Pokemon known and loved for its nua personality. Hopefully, this means that its sleepy smile on this bean bag can serve as your reminder to rest after a long day at work. 

snorlax beanbag


The Snorlax bean bag is suitable for both kids and adults. Its inner and outer linings are made of cotton, proving to be extra comfy to sink into while you attend a Zoom meeting from home.


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The Ditto bean bag comes with its iconic poker face, yet its body is comically elongated for us to stretch our limbs out comfortably while laying on it. It’s filled with lightweight EPS beads to mimic Ditto’s squishy and malleable body. 

ditto bean bag


Just like Ditto’s signature move “Transform”, this bean bag can also be propped up and switched to a mini chair. Now you have the perfect cuddle buddy to binge-watch Pokemon on Netflix in your living room. 

snorlax and ditto


While these Pokemon bean bags may look like cute and fluffy stuffed toys, Pokemon Center revealed that they weigh between a whopping 113 to 136kg each. Fun fact: Snorlax weighs 460kg in the game, so these bean bags are still nowhere close to its actual weight. 

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Pokemon accents

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Besides the Pokemon bean bags, Pokemon Center offers more home accents such as poufs, cushions and rugs in subtle Pikachu prints. Pokemon fans who prefer a more minimalistic vibe can go for these decor to brighten up a living space.

These Pokemon Bean Bags Are Comfy & Adorable For Every Home

The Pokemon bean bags are available on Pokemon Center’s website, which unfortunately only ships to the US and Canada for now. As their previous collection of swimming floats were available on eBay which ships to Singapore, stay tuned to eBay’s website for any potential updates of these bean bags making their way there. 

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