Sanrio Rock Climbing Gym

If you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing but have been putting it off for various reasons, a rock climbing gym featuring your favourite Sanrio characters might be what it takes to finally push you to try the sport. Sanrio has recently partnered with Verm City, a rock climbing gym in Hong Kong, on a kawaii pop-up from 7 November 2020 to 7 May 2021.

The gym and games

sanrio rock climbing gym interior


The Sanrio rock climbing gym is a reimagined version of Verm City’s Clip N’ Climb park. The park is designed to be a combination of an amusement park and rock climbing gym. 

There are 19 climbing games available in this themed rock climbing park. This includes the Vertical Drop Slide, where you’ll drop down a 6.5m-high slide. There is also the Stairs to Heaven game, where you will walk up a flight of stairs and jump off from the top. Hopefully, there will also be games fit for those scared of heights.

sanrio rock climbing gym wall


All of the walls and games are decorated with 5 popular Sanrio characters, namely Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Bad Badtz-maru, Osaru No Mokichi and Pochacco. No matter if you are a beginner or expert rock climber, you’ll feel encouraged to reach the top with these cute characters cheering you on.

sanrio rock climbing gym pompompurin slide


If you are visiting, make sure to pack cute athleisure gear to snap some photos for Instagram and a pair of closed-toe shoes that won’t fall off when you’re climbing the walls.

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Dining area

sanrio rock climbing gym dining area


After going through all the different activities, you can take a break at the special Sanrio-themed dining area.

sanrio rock climbing gym dining area interior


The walls are decorated with the same characters seen throughout the climbing gym. They will greet you at your table too, in the form of cartoon motifs.


sanrio rock climbing gym merchandise


While you’re there, make sure to pop by the Verm City shop to snag some limited edition Sanrio plush dolls and tees. The plush dolls feature the characters in rock climbing attire and cost HK$160 (~S$27.70) if you have the Sanrio rock climbing gym pass. If you can’t choose which doll to get, why not get all 5? The Verm City. Sanrio characters Special Edition 6” Plush Doll Set (5pc) costs HK$650 (~S$112.53) with the gym pass.

The Verm City. Sanrio characters Special Edition Tee will be released soon and it will retail for HK$150 (~S$25.97). Get yourself an adorable souvenir to remember your trip by. After all, it has been months since most of us have been out of the country. 

The Sanrio Rock Climbing Gym Will Be Open Till May 2021

Each ticket to Verm City’s Sanrio-themed Clip N’ Climb park costs HK$250 (~S$43.28) per session, where you’ll get to spend an hour and a half in the park with your favourite Sanrio characters. There are 5 time slots available for booking every day from 9.30am to 7pm. Before you start your adventure, you will have to attend a safety briefing 15 minutes before your session. You can find more information on Verm City’s website as well as book your slots directly on there too.

The Singapore and Hong Kong air travel bubble may have been deferred for 2 weeks, but the Sanrio rock climbing gym will be open till May 2021, so you have nothing to worry about. If you are visiting Hong Kong, make sure to check out the Häagen-Dazs x Sanrio Fondue Kits while you’re at it.

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