Selling Gifts From Your Ex

It’s always tough to part ways with someone we once loved, and we all have different ways of coping with break-ups. For some, moving on comes in the form of throwing away the gifts that remind them of their ex. However, this Malaysian Instagram shop has come up with a solution to not let these gifts go to waste.

The Instagram shop

Introducing @kedaipernahsayang, which roughly translates to “pre-loved store” in English. The account helps people sell gifts from their ex. The second-hand products sold range from branded jewellery to handbags, shoes and more. 

Instead of just listing the product and price, you have the option of filling in extra information. This includes explaining what occasion you were gifted this by your ex and the amount of hate you have towards your ex. Not to forget everybody’s favourite portion, the note to your ex, if they ever find out about this listing.

Hopefully, this can give you some closure, as well as earn a little extra cash. You won’t have to resort to burning away your gifts to take away the pain like in teenage romance flicks.

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sell ex gifts


Sellers have made use of the last feature as an outlet to talk about their true feelings towards these gifts. In the picture above, the seller’s hate towards her ex is “uncountable”. She said, “This is the 1st Valentine[’s] gift from you. I really [didn’t] like it when I received it.” 

For added LOL factor, the pictures include quotes from the sellers. If you’re looking for entertainment, these quotes are great for a brief TL;DR while scrolling through the page. 


Not all of the listings have to be negative, of course. In this listing, the seller wrote that they have no hate towards their ex, and included a bittersweet note to thank them. The note reads: “Thank you for everything. I have already accepted a destiny that we have no chance to be together. I have also forgiven you and myself with what happened between us.” 

Posts like these can’t help but make our heart clench. Hopefully, these items can find new owners without the emotional attachment weighing them down. And just like Ariana Grande sings, ‘Thank you, next”, it’s great to see how people are using this shop to move forward in life.

sell ex gifts


There’re the good and the bad posts from the heartbroken, but what about posts from the heartbreakers themselves? In this listing, the seller stated that she has no hate towards her ex. Though initially sounding like it’s a mutual break-up, the note to her ex said, “You’re just a mistake… I don’t wanna suffer from faking feelings towards you, and you seem not to understand me neither”. 

Ouch, we can’t imagine what it’s like for a whole relationship to seem like a mistake filled with fake feelings towards someone.

The founder

sell ex gifts


The genius behind this Malaysian Instagram store is Hazim Azaman, a 27-year-old engineer. In an Instagram post, Hazim says that he’s doing something for society through this shop, and quotes that it is an act of “do[ing] small things with great love”. 

To Hazim, to get rid and sell the gifts from your ex is a first step to moving on. He wants to help heartbroken individuals through this wholesome and meaningful Instagram shop, which also functions as a listening ear.

Sell Your Ex’s Gifts To Someone Else Who Can Appreciate Them Better

No one can blame you for wanting to sell your ex’s gifts. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As the Instagram account is mainly for Malaysians only, for now, those of us in Singapore will just have to settle for using Carousell to get rid of our pre-loved gifts.

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