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Though Salt-N-Pepa sang, “let’s talk about sex, baby,” how many of us actually talk about sex? Many of us assume that sex is something that just comes naturally. But in fact, it’s an intimate act that requires a whole lot of communication. 

Sometimes, due to this lack of communication, many couples find themselves getting physically injured during sex. In a survey conducted on 1,000 sexually active adults by sex toy brand Arcwave, it was revealed that a whopping 42% have suffered from a sex injury before.

The study

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What kind of injuries does one get during sex? You’ll be surprised at how common some of these are — from carpet burns and bruises to even penile fractures. After all, when you’re in the heat of the moment, you’re more prone to cause an accident while scrambling to get under the sheets. 

Unfortunately, women are more prone to sex injuries as compared to men, at the statistics of 47% to 33%. 

And among those who are actively engaging in sex, couples aged 25 to 35 have a higher likelihood of sustaining sex injuries out of other age groups, standing at 66%. Young and active. 

The sex-related injuries aren’t limited to just penetration. Out of those who have experienced injuries in the bedroom, the most common type of injury was bumps and bruises, followed by carpet burns, urinary tract infections, pulled muscles, vaginal tears, back injuries and even allergic reactions. 

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In order to spice things up in the bedroom, it’s common for couples to switch up their sex positions every once in a while. But according to the study, some sex positions are more dangerous than others, with 42% reported to have injuries while doing doggy style.

Surprisingly, the most classic position — missionary — caused 32% of people to encounter a sex injury. Meanwhile, 10% claimed it was the 69 position to blame. 

Our main takeaway from these statistics? Plan your sex positions wisely.

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Sex is often associated with the bedroom, so it’s no surprise that 56% of these accidents happen there. But for the experimental, sex accidents can happen outside of the bedroom too. Around 23% of injuries took place in the shower where it’s wet and slippery, 20% in hotel rooms, and 17% in cars. 

Other unconventional locations include airplane toilets and the workplace. 

Fun fact for the mile high club enthusiasts: Men are three times more likely than women to suffer a sex injury while on the plane. 

Survey Reveals that 42% Of People Suffered From A Sex Injury, Reminds Us To Be Safe Amidst Pleasure

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With this study conducted by Arcwave, a sex toy brand for men, it goes to show that while many enjoy sex, it’s important to be cautious of the potential injuries that may arise from doing it. 

An expert shared a few tips on how one can avoid injury in the bedroom, just as maintaining good hygiene, using lubricant to avoid vaginal tearing or chafing, knowing your limits and creating a safe word. 

The next time you’re down and ready to experiment new sexual activities with your partner, remember to be safe so that you can both enjoy the experience together. 

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