Shopping In Taipei

Whether you’re visiting Taipei to satisfy your bubble tea cravings or looking to stay a night at a local farm, there’s no denying that the city has many places to shop till you drop. From night markets to outlets with over 50% discount, Taipei is no doubt a must-visit destination for shopaholics. 

What is worth buying in Taipei?

If there is one nickname that Taipei deserves, it’d probably be “shopping haven”. The city is brimming with shopping spots that offer items from kids’ wear to mountain gear and luxury shopping. 

Many tourists also enjoy bringing home souvenirs like pineapple tarts and tea leaves, but if you prefer everlasting memorabilia, consider going for unique items such as sky lantern keychains and name seals. 




Ximending is a district that needs no introduction. The popular spot has endless shopping possibilities, ranging from international brands like H&M to Taiwanese brands such as Robin May and D+AF. While you shop for your next outfit, you might even chance upon talented buskers performing in the middle of the streets. 

Considering Ximending is also a tourist attraction, rest assured that most shops are foreigner-friendly. 

Nearest subway station: Ximen Station, Bannan Line


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If you’re a fan of mall hopping, the Xinyi district is for you. Not only do they have outdoor and indoor malls, but there are also traditional markets in the area, such as the Taipei Jade Market and Jianguo Holiday Flower Market. Notably, the Taipei 101 Building is also located in the same neighbourhood, offering diverse shopping options. 

P.S.: Many locals visit the Xinyi district to refresh their wardrobes, particularly working adults. 

Nearest subway station: Xinyi Anhe Station, Tamsui-Xinyi Line



Zhongshan is the it place in Taipei to visit at least once during your stay. Beyond department stores, the neighbourhood offers a myriad of aesthetic cafes, vintage fashion, trinket shops, and an underground bookstore by Eslite Spectrum.

That being said, you might want to be adventurous and explore where the different lanes would lead you. 

Nearest subway station: Zhongshan Station, Tamsui-Xinyi Line, Songshan-Xindian Line


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If your Taiwan itinerary revolves around stocking up on stylish apparel, Wu Fen Pu in the Songsan district is a must-visit destination. This wholesale shopping hub boasts a wide selection of clothing inspired by Korean and Japanese fashion trends. What’s more, you can snag awesome finds at more budget-friendly prices compared to other shopping districts.

However, note that these shops mostly offer female fashion, but you can still find accessories like hats and bags to switch up your style.

Nearest subway station: Songsan, Songshan-Xindian Line



The Huashan 1914 Creative Park is a creative spot for art lovers seeking handicrafts and intricate pieces. Chances are, you’ll be able to find unique souvenirs to bring home as gifts, and at the same time, support their local artists. 

For those keen on attending seasonal exhibitions, advance reservations are recommended. Delve deeper into upcoming events and exhibitions by exploring their official website.

Nearest subway station: Zhongxiao Xinsheng, Zhonghe-Xinlu Line

Night markets

Shilin night market


Visiting night markets is a great way to immerse yourself in the Taiwanese culture as many locals also shop there for food, clothes, and everyday necessities. At Shilin Night Market, you might be surprised that the tourist hot spot is categorised into different sections, making it easier for visitors to navigate. 

You can head directly to the food section if you’re craving fried carrot cakes or move straight to the apparel section to shop for new T-shirts. 

Nearest subway station: Jiantian Station, Tamsui-Xinyi Line

Raohe night market

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Raohe Night Market is famous for its black pepper buns, but beyond rows of food and drink stores, the night market also offers budget-friendly lifestyle and fashion items. For fashion-forward individuals who plan to stock up on hair accessories, you can get them from as low as NTD50 (~S$2), making it a paradise for bargain hunters.  

Those feeling lucky can try their hand at claw machines to score adorable plushies and figurines.  

Nearest subway station: Songshan Station, Songshan-Xindian Line

Shida night market

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Located right next to the National Taiwan Normal University, Shida Night Market is one of the night markets that offers the cheapest clothes and fashion items. Since university students are the target audience of the night market, most of the boutiques offer trendy and stylish fashion that appeal to a younger crowd. 

Nearest subway station: Taipower Building Station, Songshan-Xindian Line

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Department stores 

Eslite Spectrum

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It’s no secret that reading is a beloved pastime in Taiwan, thanks to the numerous Eslite Spectrum outlets across Taipei. More than just a bookstore, the mall offers visitors a selection of curated lifestyle items, crafts, and boutique fashion. 

From time to time, Eslite Spectrum also hosts special events and exhibitions that invite customers to immerse themselves in cultural experiences. 

Find out the full list of Eslite Spectrum outlets here

Taipei 101 

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Taipei 101 is a one-stop destination for travellers who are looking to not only shop, but also explore the gorgeous skyline of Taipei. They house various international brands, offer visitors a panoramic view of Taipei at their observatory, and offer Taiwanese cuisines in the basement.  

Moreover, the convenience doesn’t stop there. Taipei 101 offers a storage service on Level 1, allowing shoppers to explore hands-free. Simply head over to store your bags and luggage, and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Nearest subway station: Taipei 101 World Trade Centre, Tamsui-Xinyi Line

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall

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What sets Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall apart is its innovative concept of four distinct department stores, each boasting a unique theme and linked by a sky bridge. Additionally, the mall features an outdoor plaza with seasonal pop-ups and events, providing visitors with a memorable shopping experience and aesthetic photo spots.  

Since it is located adjacent to Taipei 101, you can always drop by the majestic landmark as a post-shopping activity. 

Nearest subway station: Taipei City Hall Station, Bannan Line/ Taipei 101 World Trade Centre, Tamsui-Xinyi Line


Mitsui Outlet Park


If you plan to squeeze in a quick shopping fix after touching down in Taiwan, head over to Mitsui Outlet Park, which is located between Taipei and Taoyuan International Airport. With over 220 brands, the outlet is designed to satisfy your shopping needs, and features brands you can’t find in Singapore like Roots, Roberto Cavalli, and Abercrombie & Fitch. 

With prices typically lower than those at retail stores, you may even score great deals, including discounts of up to 50%.

Find out more about Mitsui Outlet Park here

Nearest subway station: Linkou Station, Airport Line

Methods of payment

Shopping In Taipei

In Taiwan, cash remains widely accepted, particularly at night markets and traditional markets. While some establishments offer contactless payment options such as bank transfers, many also accept credit card payments.

Things to note when shopping in Taipei

Many locals carry their own metal straws and recyclable bags as a way to reduce plastic usage 

Before travelling to a new country, it is always advisable to study and research about their culture. After all, you will want to have a pleasant experience, and perhaps even return for future trips. That being said, be sure to check out the following shopping tips: 

  1. Taiwanese are big on saving the environment, so it is best if you bring your own recyclable bag to show that you care about sustainability. No worries if you don’t have one ‒ you can easily purchase one from local stores that come with adorable designs. 
  2. Most shops provide receipts when you make a purchase, and if you didn’t know, these receipts come with a unique serial number which doubles as lottery entries. All you have to do is keep them with you, and match them when Taiwanese news outlets report the winning numbers. 

Can I get tax refunds on my purchases?

Yes, Taiwan provides tax refunds on purchases with at least NTD2,000 (~S$83.58) spent on the same day from designated stores that have a “Taiwan Tax Refund” sticker. Upon purchase, these stores will provide you with a tax refund form, which you can complete before proceeding to the tax refund kiosk at Taoyuan International Airport.

Note that the refund can only be processed at the airport. More information about tax refunds can be found here

Start Planning Your Itinerary With This Shopping Guide In Taipei

ICYMI, Taiwan Tourism Bureau is giving away NTD5,000 (~S$210) vouchers to 150,000 tourists in 2024 at the Taoyuan International Airport. All you need to do is sign up via a form, and check if you are one of the lucky winners when you scan a QR code at the arrival hall. 

With this exciting opportunity, start planning your trip to Taiwan by referring to this shopping guide. 

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