Travel Safety Items For Females

After holding off on our travels since the pandemic began, we’re pretty much ready to get on a plane to almost anywhere. However, we still shouldn’t take for granted our safety, especially for girls. So while you plan your girls trip or solo backpacking adventure, here are some travel safety items you can consider bringing along.

Whether it’s to ward off unwanted attention or to keep your belongings safe, all these products are made to be convenient and compact, so you can feed your wanderlust feeling extra secure. 

1. Personal Alarm 

personal alarmSource

Some of you might have seen this compact personal alarm during safety roadshows when you were in school – but don’t let its size and style fool you. The device works with a single pull-out tab that causes the alarm to ring when removed. 

The loud, shrilling sound makes it perfect to scare off any stranger who decides to mess with you on your site-seeing strolls, and draws the attention of any passers-by in case you need help. This particular model comes in several colours so you can pick one to hang discreetly on your purse or backpack. 

Price: $3.67
Shipping: $1
Get it from: Shopee

2. Wireless Tracker (AirTag)

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This wireless device will help you keep track of your belongings, as well as prevent you from getting lost. All you have to do is connect your phone to the device and you’ll have the live location of the tracker on your phone. Alternatively, you can press the button on the tracker to set off an alarm that helps locate your phone. 


This is also perfect to track your travel buddies and even help locate your hotel if you’ve lost your way on a morning hike. You can attach a maximum of 4 to 6 of the trackers to your phone, so they track more than 1 item or person during your trip.

Price: $14.59
Shipping: $1
Get it from: Shopee

3. Portable Door Jam 

door lockSource

While it’s become more common to stay in Airbnbs instead of hotels to save some cash, it does come with its fair share of security concerns. If you’re worried about strangers having access to your room or someone breaking in, then this portable door jam will have your back. 

Simply fit it onto the side of the door’s latch and lock it in place – anyone trying to access the door from the outside won’t be able to get in. This is especially useful if you’re staying on your own and don’t want any surprise and uninvited visitors. 

Price: $5.01
Shipping: $1
Get it from: Shopee

4. Anti-theft & protective backpack

travel bagSource

This travel bag is not only sleek and fitted with hidden compartments, but it also has a reflective strip for when you’re walking around in the dark and crossing unfamiliar roads. The bag is made with lightweight material and shaped to keep itchy hands away from your belongings and you.

SOS bagSource 

That’s not all – the bag also has an SOS and alarm button attached to make sure you stay safe no matter where you are. The SOS button sends a silent message of your location to your emergency contacts, while the alarm rings loudly to scare off stalkers or muggers. This is a great option for solo globetrotters who enjoy exploring less touristy areas. 

Price: US$130 (~S$177.82)
Shipping: Calculated in cart
Get it from: XD Design 

5. Drink cover 

night capSource

What’s a vacation without a night out at a local bar? A lot of the time, as girls, our parents would warn us to be extra careful when drinking overseas – and they’re right to worry. This scrunchie doubles as a drink cover so that you can prevent your drinks from being spiked or swapped. 

The black scrunchie conveniently fits on your wrist and unravels to reveal a stretchy sheet that can cover almost any cup. There’s even a slit for you to put a straw into the drink so you can enjoy your night out to the fullest, without any accidents. 

Price: $17
Shipping: Calculated in cart
Get it from: nightcap

6. Waterproof Whistle


For most of us, the last time we saw a whistle being used was probably during the Olympics on TV – but aside from sporting events, a whistle can also be used as a compact alarm and weapon. This waterproof whistle is great if you get lost hiking or if you want to give your perpetrator a fright. 

Additionally, its shape allows you to use it to jab someone in the ribs or eye if they happen to attack you or get too close for comfort. It might be small, but it’s a cheap and easy way to put yourself out of harm’s way while overseas. 

Price: $1.64
Shipping: Free
Get it from: Shopee

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7. Magnetic crossbody bag

crossbody bagSource

Using a crossbody bag helps you ensure that your belongings don’t get stolen or swiped from behind – this specific bag has a magnetic strap that you can quickly snap open and close for convenience sake. 

You can sling the pouch to the front so that you can hug your belongings close. As a bonus, this bag is made from recycled plastic bottles so it’s environmentally friendly and waterproof. Its expandable padded compartments also allow you to keep your valuables neatly and safely. 

Price: $149
Shipping: $16
Get it from: Bellroy

8. Bra pouch 

bra pouchSource

When you’re going island hopping on a boat or exploring with friends, keeping your hands free makes the trip all the more fun. Instead of leaving your bulky bags or purse lying around, consider this mini-pouch that clips onto your bra or belt loop instead.

The pouch fits money, cards and even your room key without being too big or hefty. In fact, you can even use it to store cash bills so that they don’t get stolen while ensuring you’ll always have some money with you in case you get lost or left behind on your tour. 

Price: $34.58
Shipping: $7.21
Get it from: Amazon

9. Medical tag

dog tagSource

While local hospitals might have your medical information, that isn’t the case overseas. Thus, it helps to have a medical tag on your wrist or around your neck. This metal tag can be specified to have your allergies, medical issues or even emergency contacts engraved on it.

This is especially useful if you’re travelling on your own or with a new group of friends who won’t know your medical history by heart. Instead of risking the wrong medication being given to you in case of emergency, the medical professionals will have a clear view of what they can and cannot use when treating you. 

Price: $120
Shipping: $9.95
Get it from: Ninelife

10. Fake wedding ring


Fake wedding rings are an amazing way to keep the creeps away by giving off the idea that your “husband” is nearby. It also works as a replacement for your actual wedding or engagement rings so that you don’t risk losing them but still have the “bling” to show your attached status.  

Any ring will do but to really fool strangers, you can get a ring from Lovisa which is both affordable and chic enough to pass as the real deal. This ring has a cubic zirconia stone which at first glance, definitely passes off as a diamond ring.  

Price: from $9
Shipping: $5.95
Get it from: Lovisa 

11. Portable safe 

portable safeSource

While it’s recommended that you don’t bring along valuables, items like your passport, cash and even jewellery you forget to leave at home should be stored securely – like in this portable safe. 

It also helps you make sure you don’t lose or damage your passport, and easily packs into your suitcase given its compact size. 

Price: $41.70
Shipping: Free
Get it from: Amazon

12. Torchlight

torch lightSource

Not everywhere you venture overseas has well-lit streets, especially if you’re going to be staying in the countryside or a more forested area. That’s why you should always carry around a torchlight just in case. This torch can be charged straight through the USB port attached and has 3 different lighting functions to suit your needs. 

Whether it’s to take along on a late-night run or for when your phone runs out of battery in the dark, this torch is sized such that you can easily keep it in your pocket and pop it out to use at any given time. 

Price: $7.25
Shipping: Free
Get it from: Shopee

These Travel Safety Items Will Put You At Ease Especially When You’re On A Solo Trip 

Get packed and ready to roam the streets of a foreign land feeling safe and at ease with these items. After all, it’s about time you give yourself some TLC with a trip away from all your worries and stress. 

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This article was first published on 17 December 2021 and last updated on 1 April 2024.

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