Singapore Fashion Moments 2018

Singaporeans are not known for fashion, but we are slowly getting there. Here are our trailblazers in 2018.

1. Bumble Bee Stylin’ In Temasek Poly

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, refers to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali; if only this kid had his fighting chops.

A poorly filmed video of a platinum-haired student misbehaving in a polytechnic lecture went viral. Reminiscent of popular Hollywood thriller Fight Club, his inappropriate behaviour was challenged by an eager contender—a muscular jock in a red tank top.


Retorts of ITE jokes made the class burst out in laughter. Much needed entertainment for an otherwise dreary afternoon lesson.

Rating: 7/10
Why watch the new Transformers: Bumblebee spinoff when this guy is an absolute superstar.

2. Crazy Rich Asians Hollywood Premiere

Constance Lau in Singaporean designer Time Taken To Make A Dress


Local celebrities shone amongst Hollywood’s finest as they strutted down the teal carpet for the Crazy Rich Asians premiere. Our celebrities were proud to represent the +65, intentionally picking dresses from local designers.

Selena Tan in Frederick Lee Couture and Janice Koh in Ong Shunmugam.


Rating: 9/10
It would have been a perfect 10/10, if not for SG: Passion Made Possible’s logo degenerating into ‘Sincapore’ from “extreme heat”. Oops, invest in some crazy rich signage next time?


3. S-Hook Jie Lerine Yeo


Who knew your blouse could double up as a carrier for “wanton mee, kway png, your whatever?”

“Nobody help you is no problem!”

Prancing around in her exercise shorts, Ms Lerine Yeo offers us a lesson on not being superficial, “Don’t see this bway chio!” She demonstrates how to transform a humble black blouse into a multi-functional carrier when accessorised with S-hooks.

Rating: 6/10
Function meets form but there is a risk of pigeons eating cai png off your chest.

4. Miss Singapore Universe Trump-Kim Summit Dress


The Trump-Kim summit was Singapore’s biggest event, possibly ever. Thank the fashion gods we have a dress to commemorate it.

Rating: 5/10
If only it went down Singaporeans’ throats like a freshly opened Mao Shan Wang.


5. Ho Ching’s open-toed shoes


Netizens weren’t crazy about Ho Ching’s sandals in a recent meet with American Vice President Mike Pence.

Well, she doesn’t really care what you think. Her footwear of choice appeared in her meet with the previous Obama administration as well.

Left wing or right wing, Ho Ching wings them with bling.

Rating: 6.5/10
Comfort trumps style? She expresses her life philosophy in a recent Facebook post.


Singaporean Fashion Moments In 2018

Yes, it’s more moments than fashion, but at least we tried.

To a more glamorous 2019.

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