SK-II x White Rabbit

With the recent White Rabbit pop-up at Ngee Ann City, the childhood candy has been making its comeback in a big way. With 2023 also being the Year of the Rabbit, SK-II has collaborated with White Rabbit for a limited edition bottle design for their exclusive PITERA Essence product. 

The design

sk-ii and white rabbit bottle 2

SK-II’s well-known PITERA Essence dons a new, all-white exterior to replicate the coat of a white rabbit. For the ladies who adore quirky beauty products, this bottle will be a perfect addition to your makeup table. 

sk-ii and white rabbit bottle

The star of the show is definitely the white rabbit itself, with the recognisable red and blue pattern on the bottle. Featuring the blue-outlined rabbit, the bottle looks almost exactly like the sweet’s packaging itself. Above the design is SK-II’s logo, with “facial treatment essence” beneath. 

As a way to represent courage and bravery, the rabbit is here as your reminder to take on new opportunities as you venture into 2023. 

The SK-II x White Rabbit Limited Edition Bottle Design Will Bring Back Childhood Memories

The white rabbit sweet was a massively popular childhood candy, and trust SK-II to give it a fresh twist with their limited edition PITERA Essence bottles. If you’re interested in purchasing them, they are now available in stores while stocks last. 

Despite the end of the Christmas season, you can also consider purchasing this as a belated gift – there is no better gift than clear skin after all. Head over to SK-II’s website for more information.

All images courtesy of SK-II.

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