What To Do If You’re Single on Christmas

The festive season can be hard for even the most stoic of singles.

“Have they no originality?” you sigh as you scroll past yet another couple on your Insta feed canoodling at Christmas Wonderland.

Before your transformation into full-blown Christmas Grinch is complete, here are 8 ways to survive being single this Christmas.

1. Book a staycation for one in Singapore

With chic boutique hotels scattered all over the city, you won’t have to cross borders for a well-deserved vacation.



2. Zen out at Bliss Shala’s Christmas Yoga Party

Wellness specialists Bliss Shala are throwing a BYO-drinks Christmas party, complete with an hour of yoga. Who knew wine and yoga would flow so well together?



3. Eve of X’mas with No Vacancy at CÉ LA VI Singapore

Grab your fellow single ladies for a raving time at CÉ LA VI’s Christmas Eve party! We can’t decide what’s better: the stunning night views, sick beats or the free cover charge. Yasss.


4. Catch a movie at Singapore’s highest SES cinema

Affordable luxury is the name of the game at EagleWings Cinematics, an exclusive new cinema nestled in the heart of Bukit Timah. For just $30, get the VIP treatment and enjoy a film in a fancy lounge chair.


5. Binge watch shows on Netflix

Whether you’re too stingy to indulge in a premium cinema or you’d just rather stay in, there’s always Netflix to save the day. Spend a cozy Christmas afternoon binging on Zula’s must-watch list for 2019. Check it out here:

6. Make it a spa day

We don’t blame you if the festivities have left you frazzled and dazzled. Before the year ends, take a break and soothe your nerves with an aromatherapy massage at one of these super atas spas in Singapore.


7. Queue for Tiger Sugar bubble milk tea

Treat yourself to Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar concoctions this Christmas. These Taiwanese teas are so popular that by the time you get to the front of the 30-minute line, you’d have offset the calories you’re about to consume. Talk about guilt-free indulgence!


8. Go on a date

If all else fails and you’d rather spend Christmas with someone else, there’s always a Tinder date waiting to happen.

Spending Christmas Alone

Seeing all the happy couples around you may be tough, but remember you’ve got the best company of all – you!

Merry Christmas from Team Zula!