Split The Bill On First Dates

Unlike Asian family gatherings, where our relatives fight to pay for the meal, first dates tend to turn awkward when deciding who should settle the bill. While the societal norm is for guys to treat girls, many Singaporeans seem to no longer agree with this sentiment. 

According to a recent poll by Answers.sg, 68% of Singaporeans actually believe the bill should be split on the first date. Read on to find out why some Singaporeans think this way.

The poll

Split The Bill On First Dates

Based on the respondents who participated in the poll by Answers.sg, 68% of them favoured splitting the bill on the first date. On the other hand, 30% believed that the guy should treat the girl, while only a handful of 2% felt that the girl should pay for the meal. 

Split The Bill On First Dates

Curious about the reasons behind these choices, I asked a couple of my colleagues at ZULA who chose to split the bill on the first date. One of them explained, “I don’t want to owe anybody anything if the date doesn’t go well.” She further elaborated by expressing her desire not to be perceived as a “freeloader” by her date.

Another colleague shared that she doesn’t want the guy to feel pressured, which might leave a bad first impression on him. 

On the contrary, one colleague pointed out that whoever initiates the date should pay for the meal. But she added, “If he is a gentleman, he should at least offer to pay.”

While there is still some expectation for guys to pay for the meal on the first date, there is no rulebook to define what is right or wrong. After all, you should do whatever that feels right to you. 

Interested individuals who want to weigh in on the poll can still do so below.

More Singaporeans Prefer To Split The Bill On The First Date 

There is no denying that society is evolving, and many of the “older” ideas and mindsets no longer resonate with the younger generation. Case in point, the discovery above of how going Dutch is more widely accepted. 

To participate in other similar polls, head over to Answers.sg, where you can earn points and convert them into vouchers IRL after completing various surveys. Chances are, you’ll enjoy sharing your opinion and discovering what Singaporeans think about certain sensitive topics.

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