Starbucks x Alice + Olivia Collection

It’s no secret that Starbucks has been venturing further into the fashion industry through collaborations with brands like Fila to bring us items that are both chic and nifty. 

Their latest collection? A partnership with NYC-based clothing brand Alice + Olivia, which features tumblers, mugs and even a tote with ultra vogue motifs. Now, you can get to sipping your morning brew while looking fancy to the max. 

The Collection

starbuck tumblers

These 12oz tumblers are decorated with Alice + Olivia motifs – the first being a silver tumbler with the signature Stace Face plastered across the front, complete with ravishing lipstick and a matching red cap. The other version is a black tumbler spruced up with colourful prints of a modernised take on the Stace Face, giving off a bold yet classy appearance. 

Both the 12oz tumblers are priced at $44.90 each. 

alice + olivia tumblers

In the same design as the previous 2, you can also opt for a 16oz version of the tumblrs with a sliding lid. This allows you to easily take a sip of your bevvy, even while you’re on the way to slay at work.  

The 16oz tumblers are priced at $55.90 each.

starbucks alice + olivia

The colourful design can additionally be found on a patterned mug and another variation of the 16oz tumbler. The difference between this tumbler and the one before lies in the screw-on lid – perfect for mornings when you’re feeling extra clumsy and in need of some coffee-to-go, without the chance of spills. 

The patterned mug is priced at $34.90 while the patterned 16oz tumbler is $55.90. 

stace face

For more of the Stace Face, you can also consider this white mug and silver screw-cap tumbler, that’ll surely remind your friends of how sassy you can get without your daily dose of caffeine. 

The Stace Face mug is priced at $34.90 while the 16oz tumbler is $55.90. 

starbucks tote

Aside from tumblers and mugs, the collection also includes this brightly patterned tote bag that you can style with your outfit for some lady boss vibes. Additionally, there’s a straw set that comes with a sleek white pouch and 3 reusable red straws. 

The tote bag is $44.90 while the straw set is $17.90. 

alice + olivia iron ons

If you’ve got a knack for collecting small accessories, these iron-on patches and mini coin-purse are worth considering. Designed to emulate the Alice + Olivia brand logo, they’re a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfits. 

The iron-on patch set is $19.90 while the mini coin purse is $29.90. 

alice + olivia carholder

Next, these coasters and cardholders make great thank-you gifts to that friend of yours who’s always giving you fashion advice. Both the items have the same patterned design and are compact enough for you to throw into your bag and carry out. 

The coaster set is $22.90 while the cardholder is $29.90. 

alice + olivia bearista

The final item in this collection is a Bearista plushie dressed in a black dress, festooned with white bows. Add in black boots to finish the look and it’s clear this bear is stuntin

The Bearista plushie is $59.90. 

This Starbucks x Alice + Olivia Collection Will Help You Add Some Razzle And Dazzle To Your Daily Routine

All the items in the Starbucks x Alice + Olivia collection will be available at Starbucks outlets on 29 September 2021, to Starbucks Rewards gold members only. Non-members can get their hands on the items from 30 September 2021 in stores or on Lazada and Shopee at 12pm. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks

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