Starbucks Animal Express Collection

We’re only halfway through November but, like an overachieving student, Starbucks has already released what seems like multiple Holiday collections. First, there was the Christmas 2020 collection. Then came the Woodland Animals Collection, with fauna frolicking in a winter wonderland. Its latest release combines the 2 into 1 adorable package, the Starbucks Animal Express Collection.

There are only 7 items in this collection, and they’re so adorbs, you might just want to get them all.

The designs 


The main protagonists of this collection are an alligator, a hedgehog and a sheep.

Just like how the alligator is keeping himself warm and toasty with his speckled sweater, this 12oz Holiday Alligator Mug, $39.90, will do the same for your beverage. The alligator-shaped lid sits atop the mug, ensuring your drink stays warm and safe from prying hands.

In another meta moment, the 12oz Holiday Hedgehog Mug, $24.90, also features the animal clutching onto a Starbucks cup. Instead of a Christmas-y sweater, he’s wearing a teeny tiny top hat for a dapper touch.

For something more timeless, the 12oz Holiday Sheep Mug, $24.90, has no trace of festive elements at all. Rather, the sheep is holding a strawberry. Silver squiggles against a white background add a touch of whimsy.


The 3 animals come together on a 14oz mug, $24.90, which depicts a scene on a bus, aka The Holiday Express.

There’s more to this merch than mugs alone. The hedgehog mug is accompanied by a matching hedgehog scented candle, $34.90. Get them as a set to decorate your desk, and they’ll be there for you as you burn the midnight oil.

On top of the scented candle, there’s also a coin bank, $39.90, which is something ardent Starbucks fans will know doesn’t come by often. The hedgehog is reunited with his top hat and Starbucks cup, and is holding a letter, as if he is about to drop it into the mailbox, i.e your coin slot.


The final item in this collection is the 12oz Starbucks Holiday Berries Tumbler, $46.90. What berries, you ask? Well, the other side of this tumbler features a mountain made out of strawberries, blueberries and fresh cream. Santa hat-wearing sheep are pictured prancing around with strawberries, letters and presents, ready to deliver these gifts to whoever needs them.

Starbucks Animal Express Collection Will Keep You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy

The Starbucks Animal Express Collection is already available in stores and on the Starbucks Flagship Store in LazMall. Not all the items can be found in every store, so check out the store listing on its website before heading down to avoid disappointment.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore

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