Starbucks Singapore Christmas 2020 Collection

If you were in town over the weekend, you’d have noticed that the annual Christmas light-up has hit Orchard Road. Besides looking at lights and decorations, a surefire way to get into the festive mood is to check out Starbucks Singapore’s Christmas 2020 Collection. It includes drinkware decked out in cute cat and dog motifs, Christmas colours and festive embellishments.

Cute animal drinkware

starbucks christmas 2020 red drinkware
From left: 16oz tumbler, $45.90; 20oz Cold Cup, $26.90;
16oz bottle, $45.90; 18oz Stainless Steel Cold Cup, $39.90

For those who struggle to pick an answer when asked if they are a cat or dog person, there’s a whole series of mugs, bottles and tumblers for you.

The cat and dog even have accessories around their necks in the form of bows and holly to add to the festive vibe.

starbucks christmas 2020 white
From left: 12oz tumbler, $23.90; 12oz tumbler, $23.90; 16oz tumbler, $26.90;
13oz bottle, $35.90; 12oz mugs, $39.90, $34.90; 12oz tumbler, $39.90

We all know the classic tune, White Christmas. Now, you can have drinkware to match it. The Starbucks Holiday 2020 Collection includes an array of white tumblers and mugs with gold details to make your Christmas a little classier.

starbucks christmas 2020 grey green
From left : 16oz tumbler, $45.90; 14oz bottle, $35.90; 14oz bottle, $26.90; 16oz tumbler,
$26.90; 12oz cup, $26.90; 13oz bottle, $35.90; 16oz tumbler, $45.90

For those who are averse to bright colours, grey and green cups, mugs and tumblers with the same motifs are also available.  

Festive animal drinkware

starbucks christmas 2020 glitter cold cup

Go all out with the bling this Christmas with the 16oz Starbucks Gold Holiday Cold Cup, $23.90.

This year, many Singaporeans are probably wishing they were spending their Christmas in a winter wonderland. Make like you’re looking out at reindeer with the tall Stainless Steel Cold Cup, $36.90, and 16oz tumbler, $45.90.

starbucks christmas 2020 bottles

Even if you already have multiple Cold Cups and tumblers to your name, the 17oz Christmas Dog Water Bottle, $26.90, and 24oz Holiday Water Bottle, $29.90, are unique designs you can add to your collection.

starbucks christmas 2020 puppy mugs and glass
From left: 14oz, $29.90; 12oz, $22.90; 10oz, $20.90

As for cups and mugs, you can enjoy your iced tea or coffee from a glass mug starring the doggo or a tall red mug for a nice cup of hot chocolate. The red mug on the right stars both animals, but the handle is made to look like the cat’s tail, which is a cute touch.

starbucks christmas 2020 dog and cat cold cup

If you are solely a cat person or only a dog person, fret not. You can pledge your loyalty with the 12oz Holiday Cat Stainless Steel Cold Cup, $33.90, or 20oz Holiday Dog Stainless Steel Cold Cup, $39.90, respectively.

starbucks christmas 2020 colour changing mug

Lastly, add a little Christmas magic to your holiday brew with a colour-changing 10oz mug decorated with an adorable black cat and some mistletoe, $36.90. The black cat seems to be Starbucks’ favourite character this year, making its appearance on the Starbucks Halloween 2020 Collection as well as the Starbucks Taiwan Halloween 2020 Collection. 

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Festive drinkware

ribbon drinkware
From left: 12oz mug, $22.90; 12oz mug, $33.90; 12oz tumbler, $23.90

There are 2 kinds of people: those who love wrapping presents, and those who hate doing so. For the former, these ribbon-patterned mugs and tumbler will get you into the Christmas mood immediately.

plain mug

If you are looking for a mug that you can carry around that doesn’t scream “Christmas”, the plain red and white mugs will do the trick.

The 12oz red and white mug on the left costs $39.90, while the 12oz clear mug on the right costs $32.90.

garden mug

A Starbucks Singapore exclusive, the 12oz Tropical Mug is definitely a mug to add to your collection. It has floral prints on the outside along with illustrations of iconic attractions like the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay. It retails for $34.90.


Besides drinkware, the Starbucks Holiday 2020 collection also has home decor items and other accessories.


These 2 snow globes will make the perfect gift for all the coffee lovers out there. First up, the one on the left is shaped like a Starbucks cup with a gold lid, and is another Singapore-exclusive item. Inside, you’ll find a Starbucks takeaway cup, the Merlion wearing a Christmas hat and a gingerbread man. It is retailing for $39.90.

The bigger snow globe sits on top of a grey mug and has a 3D version of the cat and dog pair in front of a Christmas tree. It is retailing for $64.90.


If you have a furry friend at home, these Holiday bowls will amp up their drinking or eating experience. Otherwise, it also works as a little snack dish to place cookies for yourself or Santa. Each bowl costs $45.90 and there are 4 designs available.


Just cause it’s a Starbucks collection doesn’t mean tea drinkers have to be left out. Those who enjoy making their own brews at home can opt for this red teapot. You can also buy the matching red infuser for your tea leaves.  The 18.5oz teapot costs $49.90 and the infuser retails for $19.90.

straw set

You can also carry around the cat and puppy around with you on your bag with this key charm, $19.90.

And on days you forget to bring your Cold Cup out, you can still save the environment with this set of 3 reusable straws that comes with its own pouch, $12.90. 


Sometimes, you just need a change of enviroment when WFH. Store your work-from-cafe essentials in this red pouch, $22.90, and your laptop in this grey laptop sleeve, $29.90. 


Last but not least, the Starbucks Bearista is back with a new costume this season. This year, he’s dressed as the puppy that adorns most of the items in this collection. It is retailing for $34.90.

Enjoy A Nice Night In With The New Starbucks Singapore’s Christmas 2020 Collection

Even if you can’t go out to Christmas parties this year, you can still enjoy a nice night indoors. So grab a hot cup of cocoa in your new festive mugs, switch on your favourite Christmas movie and relax. 

The Starbucks Singapore Holiday 2020 Collection is available in stores and on the Starbucks Flagship Store in LazMall from 2 November 2020. Remember to check out Starbucks Singapore’s website to find out if your nearest store has the items you’re eyeing before heading down to avoid being disappointed. 

All photos courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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