Starbucks China White Tiger Collection

One thing about Starbucks merchandise that fans find irresistible is that they are limited to a certain country. While Starbucks Singapore recently released their Lunar New Year 2022 collection, Starbucks China has also dropped their white tiger collection in lieu of the occasion. 

Inspired by the tiger spirit, the collection features motifs of white tigers accompanied with a red and white colour palette. Read on to find out more about this roarsome collection. 

The collection

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Featuring an array of drinkware like tumblers, mugs and glass cups, they can be used to hold your daily cuppa ‒ even when you’re out and about. 


For those who didn’t know, gourd aka hu lu has symbolism of productivity and fortune. If you’re planning to work on your productivity in 2022, you might be interested in getting this tiger mug with a gourd-shaped coaster. 

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Decked in white and red, the mug features two golden accents ‒ the Starbucks logo in the middle and the tiger motif inside the mug. Seeing how the colours red and gold represent prosperity, this mug set is suitable as a gift too.

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Good news for those who are eyeing the red tiger mugs on the left. They are also part of the Starbucks Singapore collection and you can get them just in time for CNY. 

As for the white mug on the right, the face of a tiger is formed with various colours. For those who are all about cuteness, the mug even has adorable mini paws at the bottom. Unfortunately, this item seems to be exclusive to Starbucks China for now.


Besides the positive symbolism that gourds have, they were used as bottles in the past to store water. Inspired by this concept, this red and white tumbler features the motifs of a gourd and a Starbucks cup. 

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That’s not all, as you can go hands-free when you place the tumbler inside the matching pouch. You’ll spot the embroidery of the white tiger which was seen previously on the white tiger mug. It also has straps in red for the extra huat factor. 

Alternatively, there is another tumbler in white along with a holder that features only the white tiger embroidery. 

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Unlike the previous tumbler, it has the tiger motif in gold and the holder comes with red detachable straps.  

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Since it is the Year of the Tiger, Starbucks China places an extra emphasis on the tiger spirit. Besides the Starbucks logo, this tumbler has a golden motif of a tiger paw with scratches on the front. Turn it around and you’ll see an even bigger scratch mark. Ouch

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For this tumbler, Starbucks China gave the ferocious animal a soft touch by featuring tiger scratch marks in shades of gold. Not only do the colours give a classy vibe, but they are also a respectable nod to these gorgeous creatures. Since it comes with a tumbler holder that also features tiger scratch marks embossing, you can carry it easily on your shoulder. 


While glass items are fragile, it is hard to ignore the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing.

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As the only glassware found in this collection, the cup comes with a stirrer that features the face of the white tiger. Plus, you won’t miss out on the golden Starbucks logo in the middle. 

Besides drinkware, there is also a coin bank to save your loose coins in this collection. 


Similar to the previous designs, the coin bank is shaped like the white tiger with a colourful face. On its back, you’ll find the slot to deposit the coins and who knows, you could use the extra cash saved up for a cup of your favourite beverage from Starbucks eventually. 

This White Tiger Collection From Starbucks China Has Us Looking Forward To CNY 2022

With CNY approaching, it is time to put on your roaring spirit to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Unfortunately, this white tiger collection is currently only available at Starbucks China. For those who are interested to get them, you might want to source for freight forwarders that ship to Singapore. 

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