Starbucks Galaxy Stars Collection

It’s only been a hot minute since Starbucks released their Mid-Autumn collection, but the beverage brand is back with another one ‒ the Galaxy Stars collection. Decked in designs inspired by the starry stars of the night sky, the collection consists of five drinkware items like bottles and chio glass cups. 

The collection

If Katy Perry’s Firework has been your source of motivation, this stainless steel water bottle is something for you to consider.

Starbucks Galaxy Stars Collection

The 8oz water bottle has motifs of colourful fireworks and stars, and the shimmery gold adds to its dazzling feature. Perhaps this water bottle will serve as a reminder for you to never give up no matter what the circumstance is. 

The Wishing Upon A Star Stainless Steel Water Bottle retails at $44.90. 

For those who prefer a water bottle with a larger capacity, stay hydrated with this 16oz Starry Night Sky Stainless Steel Bottle instead. Unlike the previous drinkware, this one features the Starbucks Siren logo and motifs of stars in white against a dark background.  

The Starry Night Sky Stainless Steel Bottle retails at $52.90. 

Instead of always paying an extra 20 cents for a plastic cup whenever you dapao kopi o, save money and contribute to greener living when you have this Midnight Sky Stainless Steel Tumbler. 

In contrast to its navy colourway, the 12oz tumbler comes with motifs of shooting stars in gold. Closing in on the details, you’ll also notice that it has an embossment of the Starbucks siren logo. 

The Midnight Sky Stainless Steel Tumbler retails at $45.90.

Starbucks Galaxy Stars Collection

Look forward to having tea time with your kakis with this Twinkle Stars Glass Cup in 12oz. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, the glass cup features gold stars lined vertically alongside alphabets that form “Starbucks”. 

The Twinkle Stars Glass Cup retails at $34.90. 

If dainty glass cups are your thing, be sure to also check out the Shooting Stars Glass Cup in 8oz. While its colourless to dark blue gradation might steal the limelight, don’t miss out on another unique feature at the bottom of the glass cup ‒ a star-shaped base. 

True to its name, the glass cup also features motifs of shooting stars in gold. 

The Shooting Stars Glass Cup retails at $36.90.

Starbucks’ Galaxy Stars Collection Is A Dream Come True For Those Who Love Stargazing

Good news for those who are already eyeing the Galaxy Stars Collection as it is already available for purchase only on the Starbucks’ online store. While many of the items are already sold out, fingers crossed that Starbucks will restock them soon.

Starbucks Galaxy Stars Collection

In the meantime, Starbucks has also brought back their Starbucks Star Buddies system where customers can earn various rewards and take home free merch like the Star Buddies Lanyard. It is now available for those who sign up to be a Space Bearista alongside a Venti drink purchase. 

As the Star Buddies system only runs till 25 September 2022, be sure to check out Starbucks’ official website for more information. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks. 

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