Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Collection 2022

In a blink of an eye, we’re already reaching the end of August which signals the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival that falls on 10 September 2022.

While we busy ourselves with choosing from a variety of unique mooncake sets, we can now also check out the Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn collection that features adorable bunnies in knitted sweaters. 

The collection

The collection offers a diversity in drinkware options as it includes cold cups, tumblers, and bottles decked in warm colours that give off a cosy vibe.  

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Collection 2022From left: Bunnies In Sweater Mug ($25.90), Moon Gazing Bunny Mug ($39.90)

Kickstart your morning with a drink by using one of these adorable mugs, either in teal or deep orange. 

The one in teal features rabbits in knitted sweaters putting together even more knitted tops. The next mug shows a rabbit looking at a piece of yarn hanging from the top, and a sphere-shaped lid that brings to mind a yarn ball. 

Both mugs have a capacity of 12oz. 

While Singaporeans barely have the chance to wear a knitted top in our weather, this 12oz mug features knit patterns that hint at its heat-retaining property to keep your drink warm. Besides the Starbucks siren logo, the mug also has a tiny bunny figurine on the handle.  

This Bunny On Yarn Ball Mug retails at $29.90. 

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Collection 2022From left: Bunny In Sweater Stainless Steel Tumbler 12oz ($42.90), Bunny In Sweater Stainless Steel Tumbler 16oz ($45.90)

Vintage-inspired designs are foolproof as shown through these two tumblers which come in brick red and light brown respectively. Both drinkware feature a rabbit inside a photo frame that is busy with its knitting project. 

The 12oz brick red tumbler has an additional white polka dots design whereas the 16oz light brown tumbler features a criss-cross pattern connected by ribbons. 

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Collection 2022From left: Knitting Bunnies Cold Cup ($30.90), Bunnies In Sweaters Bottle ($26.90)

One can never have too many cold cups, and if you’re already deep down the rabbit hole, consider expanding your collection with this one in light green hues. Similar to the other designs in the collection, the 16oz cold cup features rabbits in knitted sweaters. 

Instead of a regular water bottle, stay hydrated with the 14oz rectangular flat bottle which fits easily in a bag. The motifs of the three rabbits also make an adorable addition to the overall design. 

Exclusive to the Starbucks online store, this 12oz stainless steel tumbler shows how the bunnies are getting ready for a trip to the moon that is put together by yarn. With its double wall feature, trust that the tumbler will keep your drink at an optimal temperature and reduce condensation. 

This Bunnies Weaving The Moon Stainless Steel Tumbler retails at $50.90. 

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Collection 2022

A Starbucks collection ain’t complete without their mascot, Bearista. Here in this collection, he “hops” into the trend by donning a bunny coat with fluffy bunny years and a knitted sweater. 

This Bunny In Sweater Bearista Bear retails at $42.90. 

Celebrate This Year’s Mid-Autumn Festival With These Collections From Starbucks Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival is not just a season to snack on mooncakes, but it is also a good time to learn about traditional folktales like the ones that involve Chang E and the Jade Rabbit. 

As the above-mentioned drinkware and Bearista are only a part of the collection, interested folks can head over to Starbucks’ online store for more. The collection will also be available at all Starbucks outlets, and on Starbucks’ online store, Lazmall, and Shopee starting from 24 August 2022, 10am. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore

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