Starbucks Stanley Holiday Collection 

If you haven’t started considering what to gift your friends and family for Christmas, then it’s really about time you start – especially if you don’t want to end up panic-buying at the last minute. 

Here’s an option for you to consider: Starbucks has just released 3 different collections of items which include Stanley drinkware, cooler bags that double as everyday slings and blinged-out cold cups. Time to prep what to get for the “nice” ones on your list this coming Christmas. 

Stanley collection

Starbucks Stanley

If you have a friend with a knack for finding new ways to brew their own coffee, then these pour-over sets and stainless steel mugs will surely excite them. 

The items all have a simple, sleek design and come in either a royal blue or teal. For the mugs, there’s a cover included to keep your cuppa nice and warm on colder days. 

The brew over sets are $92.90 while the mugs on their own are $39.90 each. 

Starbucks Stanley

Whether to carry coffee, tea or maybe some liquid courage out, these tumblers and flasks are sized such that they fit easily into any bag. They come in the same colour palette as the previous items and have white finishes to their caps for added elegance. 

You can get these drinkware items for a colleague who’s always in need of a pick-me-up between meetings. 

The tumblers are $47.90 each, while the flasks are $42.90 each.

Starbucks Stanley

Instead of dashing back and forth from the kitchen to get another caffeine boost, why not simply make a large brew in one of these coffee pots. They each come fitted with a convenient snap-off cap, so you can either pour the bevvy into a small mug or drink straight from the pot – best to save this one as a gift to yourself

The coffee pots are priced at $49.90 each. 

Beach collection

Starbucks cooler bags

Since many of us are clearing our annual leaves this year-end, a day out at the beach might be a good idea. These snazzy-looking slings are actually cooler bags, so you can pack cold drinks to take out to the beach, without having to lug around a bulky chiller box. 

Aside from being easy to carry, they’re also brightly coloured in either lilac or sage green to complement your picnic get-up. 

The cooler bags are priced at $25.90 each.

starbucks beach towels

To supplement a seaside-themed gift for your outdoor-loving friend, why not consider these beach towels? The 2 towels are decorated with either yellow and blue stripes or a pink grid pattern – making them a smart addition to the background of #beachday selfies. 

The towels are priced at $25.90 each. 

Holiday cold cups

starbucks cold cups

For a simple yet practical gift, or just as a Christmas treat for yourself, these sparkly cold cups are glitterally perfect. The cups are available in either turquoise with jewel-like embellishments or a white version, blinged out for that icy appearance. 

The cold cups are priced at $39.90 each. 

cold cup ornament

The white version of the cold cup also comes in keychain form so you can add it to your tree as an ornament, and hang it on your bag after the holidays have ended – either way, you’ll be able to show off your love for Starbies

The keychain is priced at $14.90. 

Starbucks’ Newest Holiday Items Are Great Gifts To Treat Your Loved Ones 

You can get these Starbucks holiday items as early gifts for friends who won’t be around for Christmas, or just as a way to spruce up your Christmastime vacay. All the items here are available in Starbucks outlets as well as on Shopee and Lazada

All images courtesy of Starbucks

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