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Superfoods For Glowing Skin

When you think of superfoods, the usual suspects are always among the following: chia seeds, kale, matcha and acai. These antioxidant-rich foods are known to boost our health bar and make our skin glow. However, the world of superfoods goes way beyond those formidable four.

Here are 8 lesser-known superfoods that are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to give you a fresh, radiant complexion. Some of these are more common than you think, and you could easily start incorporating them into your diet and skincare routine, pronto.

1. Watermelon seeds

superfoods skin watermelon


Watermelon is an incredibly hydrating fruit that’s enriched with a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. The next time you’re munching on a succulent slice, however, don’t spit the seeds out. These tiny but mighty seeds are actually nutritional powerhouses.

Each seed is brimming with essential amino acids, zinc, iron and B vitamins to strengthen your skin and heal acne. Since they’re full of fatty acids, watermelon seeds can keep your skin looking plumper and more hydrated. Getting a few of them in your daily diet can also help prevent premature skin ageing.

2. Turmeric

superfoods skin turmeric


Hailed as a “wonder spice”, turmeric is the kitchen staple that does way more than complement our dishes. It’s loaded with curcumin, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin.

Eating, drinking or applying turmeric on the skin can help fight breakouts, redness and sensitivity. You can make a DIY facial mask with turmeric for smoother, zit-free skin. Pair it with yoghurt for a gentle, exfoliating treatment or mix it in with honey to create a moisturising mask.

Add a sprinkle of turmeric to a hot cup of tea, a teaspoon to water when cooking rice, or a dash to any soup recipe. For a midday pick-me-up, mix turmeric with coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper to prepare a yummy cup of golden milk latte.

3. Eggplant



Some say the darker the food, the higher the antioxidant level. With eggplants, it definitely rings true. Not just a suggestive emoji, an eggplant boasts antioxidants to protect the cells from infection. When your body’s cells are healthy, it shows in your complexion too.

The juice of an eggplant is antibacterial as well, so you can soak a cotton pad in it and swipe it on your face after cleansing for supple, toned skin. When cooked in dishes, the high water content in the eggplant helps to hydrate your skin from within.

4. Shiitake mushrooms

shiitake mushrooms


The sun is synonymous with vitamin D, but that’s not its only source. Mushrooms, particularly shiitake mushrooms, are full of the essential vitamin, which helps to treat dry skin and prevent premature skin ageing.

When applied on the skin, a powerful antioxidant in shiitake mushrooms strengthens cells while gently exfoliating the surface of the skin. These mushrooms are also rich in kojic acid, an ingredient commonly found in skincare products to brighten the complexion, fade pigmentation and lighten acne scars.

Since your gut health is closely linked to your skin health, the nutrients and fibre from shiitake mushrooms can also keep your digestive system in check. Go ahead and treat yo’self to a few slices of pizza or order a bowl of bak chor mee with these nutritional mushrooms in it.

5. Wakame seaweed

wakame seaweed


Your love affair with seaweed shouldn’t stop at the sushi bar. Most commonly served in miso soup, wakame seaweed is a type of Japanese sea kelp that’s chock-full of trace minerals to aid in repairing the skin.

Wakame seaweed is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that are easily absorbed, so it quenches thirsty skin cells almost instantly. When applied topically, this plant helps to hold moisture in your skin’s outer layer, so look out for beauty products that have it on their ingredients list.

A nutritious kelp, wakame can also lower blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces inflammation in the body and on your skin. If you’re preparing your own meals, you may want to include a pinch of wakame seaweed to a bowl of rice every once in a while.

6. Kudzu root

kudzu root


You may not be familiar with kudzu root, but you’re about to get acquainted with the beauty benefits this ancient herb has to offer. This superfood is known for its healing, anti-microbial properties, which is why it’s often used in skin detox treatments.

The nutritious root is enriched with sodium hyaluronate, so when used in skincare formulas, it can replenish your skin’s moisture levels and soothe redness. Kudzu root has astringent properties too, which makes your pores appear smaller while brightening your overall skin tone.

You can boil them like potatoes or dry and grind them into a fine powder to sprinkle onto your dishes.

7. Royal jelly

superfoods skin royal jelly


Honey pampers the skin with its moisturising properties, but royal jelly can do so much more. Produced by worker bees to be fed to the queen bee, royal jelly is a good source of protein, vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids.

When used in a DIY facial mask or infused in a serum, royal jelly gives the skin an intense dose of hydration. The antioxidants found in royal jelly can also protect the skin from environmental irritants such as smoke and harsh UV rays.

Jam-packed with nutrients, royal jelly is able to smooth fine lines and wrinkles too, which means it may just be the Fountain of Youth we seek. When ingested, its estrogen-like components are said to improve fertility and even relieve menopausal symptoms in mature ladies.

8. Starfruit

superfoods skin starfruit


A superfood we don’t reach for enough is starfruit. The bright yellow fruit is rich in vitamin A, which, when consumed or applied topically, can reduce the size of oil glands and control sebum production. This in turn protects the skin from blemishes and redness.

Starfruits also contain high levels of vitamin C, which protects the skin against pollution and sun damage. Polyphenols found in starfruit are packed with antioxidants that can repair damaged cells, so you’ll feel healthier and your skin will look more radiant too.

Rooki Beauty’s superfood-infused serums

Incorporating these superfoods into your diet can do plenty of good for your skin health, but if it’s too much of a hassle, try Rooki Beauty’s new serums.

Packed with 4 of the superfoods we’ve just raved about, these 3 formulas will let your skin reap all the beauty benefits without having to tweak your meals.

Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops

superfoods skin rooki

If millennial burnout has left you resembling a zombie, turn to Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops every morning. Ideal for night owls, this serum addresses visible fatigue by using caffeine to stimulate the skin’s blood flow. Your skin could use a little coffee to start the day, too.

Seaweed provides a surge of hydration, which is why this serum contains 8 kinds of seaweed, including wakame and kombu. Combined with Chardonnay grapes, the formula soothes and plumps up the skin.

The brand has whisked 8 Asian herbs into this formula too, including green tea, centella and chamomile to calm inflammation and reduce redness. The serum has a lightweight texture that’s akin to water, so it absorbs quickly without feeling sticky or greasy.

Sun Eraser Glow Drops

Whether you’re braving the heat to get lunch or spending the weekend afternoon outdoors, harsh UV rays can bring about dullness to your skin. Try Sun Eraser Glow Drops, a brightening serum that helps to reverse sun damage during the day and while you sleep.

When it comes to this serum, the star of the show is starfruit. Prized for its anti-ageing properties, starfruit restores radiance while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful-looking glow.

Together with antioxidant-rich resveratrol, the serum helps to speed up collagen production. The light, water-like formula also contains royal jelly, which is packed with proteins and amino acids to nurse damaged skin back to health.

Anti Pollution Nano Drops

Dust, tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes are pollutants that can wreak havoc on the skin. To combat city pollution, layer on Anti Pollution Nano Drops. Made with peach juice sourced from Japan, the serum is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to shield the skin from harmful free radicals.

Kudzu root has the ability to protect your skin barrier, so think of it as your skin’s personal bodyguard. As it is high in antioxidants, the superfood does double-duty to defend the skin while repairing damaged cells.

To give your skin an added boost of moisture, argan oil and ceramides in the formula form a hydrating layer and strengthen your skin’s immunity. With regular use, you’ll notice a dewier, healthier complexion.

Lesser-Known Superfoods That Will Give Your Skin A Glow-Up

Full of vitamins and nutrients, these serums infused with lesser-known superfoods will nourish and revive your skin for a glowing complexion.

Rooki Beauty’s serums retail for $68 each and you can complete your routine with the brand’s essentials, including its cleanser, mask and moisturiser. You can check out the products on Rooki Beauty’s website or try them out in person at Design Orchard, a modern retail space located along Orchard Road.

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