Superga x The Paper Bunny Collection

Superga has teamed up with The Paper Bunny for a sneaker collection that will bring the whole family together. If The Paper Bunny sounds familiar to you, that’s because it’s a homegrown lifestyle brand known for its planners, sustainable products and wedding invitation cards.

superga the paper bunny family

Inspired by outdoor adventures and the spirit of exploration, the collection features 4 pairs of sneakers. There are 2 options for women, 1 for men and 1 for the kids.

Here’s a closer look at the star-speckled line-up.

For the ladies

Superga x The Paper Bunny 2750 Gone Exploring – Milky Way ($139)

If white sneakers are a staple in your wardrobe, you’ll like the Milky Way design. The collaboration has given the basic sneaker an upgrade with a cotton twill upper.

It also has gold eyelets, white embroidered stars and the text ‘GONE EXPLORING’ in gold foil scribbled near the back of the sneaker. The shoes have a beige rubber sole to complement the gold details.

Superga x The Paper Bunny 2402 Chasing Stars – Desert ($139)

Superga has debuted a new shade of muted pink with these mules. A backless style made for both lazy and busy folks, you can slip these shoes on and off easily. The shoes also sport a cotton twill upper, gold eyelets and white embroidered stars.

It has the words ‘CHASING STARS’ stamped on both sides of the sneaker and gold fabric woven into the lining.

For the men

Superga x The Paper Bunny 2750 Going Places – Alpine ($109)

White sneakers are evergreen, but the collaboration has given them a touch of blue. The shoes have matte white eyelets for a sophisticated look, as well as the words ‘GOING PLACES’ on the outer sides.

The soles of the sneakers are decked in a deep blue shade, while the laces come in blue too. You’ll also receive white laces with this pair if you want to switch things up.

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For the kids

Superga x The Paper Bunny Junior Strap Little Explorer – Blue Lagoon ($89.90)

Designed for the little one in your life, these sneakers are made of a periwinkle blue cotton upper. The Velcro straps make it easy for kids to wear them and take them off. It has white stars and the words ‘LITTLE EXPLORER’ on the sides of each shoe.

superga the paper bunny bag

When you purchase a pair of sneakers, it comes with a drawstring bag in a beige for the adults (left) and pale blue for kids (right). You’ll want to take these with you on your next family outing.

Superga x The Paper Bunny Collection Has Sneakers For Mum, Dad & Kids

With this new collection, you can ditch the cringey family T-shirts and opt for these cool kicks instead.

The Superga x The Paper Bunny collection will be arriving on 27 March 2020 at all Superga stores and on Superga’s website.

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