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Sweetest Gestures by Girls

When we think of the nice things our friends have done for us, we’d question whether or not we’ve received gifts and expensive treats from them.

However, we often forget that simple, everyday gestures like standing up for a friend or buying someone dinner work wonders as well.

From making a care package to buying an entirely new wardrobe, these 7 Singaporean guys share with us the sweetest things a girl has ever done for them.

1. Supported me throughout our long distance relationship

My wife and I had been dating for a year and a half when I decided to go on exchange. Those six months were tough on her because I wasn’t there to support her physically and emotionally.

Despite this, she still paid for my flight tickets and accommodation when I travelled to certain destinations in Europe and made sure that I enjoyed myself.

For my birthday that year, she also bought me a GoPro camera because she wanted me to be able to record my adventures.

We officially tied the knot in December last year, and even till today, I wonder how I managed to find such a wonderful woman.
Jahafar, 27

2. Bought me an entirely new wardrobe

One time, my friend told me she was shopping for new clothes for her brother’s birthday. To gauge the right fit, she said she needed me as a ‘clothes model’ because I was roughly the same size as him.

Being the unsuspecting person I was, I went along with her and tried on everything she picked out.

However, at the end of our shopping spree, she handed me the bag of brand new apparel and told me to “stop dressing so sloppily”. Turns out, she had tricked me into choosing my own new outfits to wear.
Andrew, 23

3. Threw me a surprise birthday party

Last year, my wife threw me a surprise birthday party. She booked my favourite restaurant and invited all my friends.

Since some of my friends had birthdays near mine, she included all of them in and made the party a joint celebration.

As if she couldn’t get any sweeter, she had customised cupcakes made in place of a birthday cake, with edible images of me and my friends printed on them.
Sid, 34

4. Bought me 10 different types of cakes for my birthday

I have a sweet tooth and a particular weakness for both baking and eating cakes.

One time, I tweeted about my cake cravings and my best friend surprised me on my birthday with ten types of cakes from different bakeries.

After she saw my tweet, she researched on where to find the best cakes in Singapore and travelled all over the country just to buy them.

It touched me even more when she had to carry the cakes from one shop to another via public transport on a hot day.
Yong Ler, 23

5. Bought me a nice dinner when I had financial difficulties

In my first year at Millenia Institute, my family went through a rough financial patch and I didn’t always have enough pocket money to eat.

One day, my good friend had a crab craving and asked me to join her for dinner as she knew I loved crabs. However, I turned her down as the restaurant she had chosen was out of my budget.

In the end, I agreed to join her and decided to save a little more to afford that meal. Her company alone, together with good food, made it the best meal I had in a long time.

When the cheque came, she settled the bill and refused my money when I tried to pay my half. Laughing, she said: “Don’t be silly, what are friends for?”
Zulhaqem, 25

6. Surprised me at the Beijing airport at 1.00am

When I was on exchange, I flew to Beijing on a night flight alone. Prior to the flight, I was texting a friend who was studying at Peking University. We figured we could meet for drinks since we were in the same city.

When I landed in Beijing at 1.00am, I heard a familiar voice call my name at the Arrival gate. I turned around and was shocked to see her waving at me.

Turns out, she had travelled for almost two hours from her university to get to the airport, straight after her school CCA activities ended.

Over the next few days, she brought me around Beijing to try her favourite bar and caught up over drinks. For her to go out of her way to make me feel welcome in a foreign city was really sweet!
Junxian, 26

7. Gave me a care package to alleviate work stress

A few months ago, I transitioned from working for an SME to a much larger, corporate firm. The learning curve was extremely steep and I was struggling to make sense of everything that was going on at work.

My girlfriend, who knew I was stressed out, decided to draw me some cards with cute captions and lyrics from some of our favourite songs. After which, she placed them together in a care package with some food and plushies.

I’m not one to sentimentalise pricey gifts so it was really sweet of her to encourage me with gifts that had a personal touch!
Jason, 25

Love comes in many forms

While extravagant gestures may touch the hearts of some, little things can add up and leave an impression that’ll last for a long time.

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