The Thick Thigh Life

We’ve all got our fair share of body image issues growing up. Mine was my thighs. I hated the way they jiggled like agar agar when I walked, and clapped when I ran for NAPFA test back in school. If you’ve also got thick thighs, these are some things you’ll probably identify with.

1. When we sit down, everything goes splat


2. The baggy joggers trend aren’t for us 

‘Cause they’ll end up looking like leggings with pockets.

3. Join the chub rub 


CHAFING. CHAFING! CHAFING!!! Science was right about friction producing heat—the thigh burn is real.

4. Finding a pair of pants that fit right is nearly impossibru

They’re snug on our thighs but loose on our waist. And it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a belt, our jeans are like fu*kbois at the club—always trying to go down on us.


Regular shorts look like hot pants on us and having permanent wedgies and camel toes are no fun.

6. One-piece clothing items are a no-go

Rompers and swimsuits are a nightmare—it may fit like a glove down there but it just make us look like a potato sack on top.

7. One-size-fits-all clothes don’t work well with us

Bye bye cheap clothes from Editor’s Market and Taobao! Clothes catered to petite Asian girls come in a single size that won’t fit us as well.

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8. Our thighs are our personal cheerleaders


Everytime we run, it feels like our thighs are cheering us on for all that exercise. “Go, human! Go, human!”

9. You’re constantly struggling to keep your balance on tiny bar stools

Also applicable for those with big butts.

10. Big thighs generally equates to a big booty

There’s nothing like having the junk in the right place.

11. You’re the OG of ripped jeans


Our thighs rub together so much that our favourite pants tend to rip at the seams.

12. Your phone won’t fall in the toilet bowl while you’re using it

Most of us are guilty of using our phones when sitting on the toilet bowl. At least with these thighs, there’s a lower chance of losing our phones to them *phew*.

13. Big thighs = better health

According to several studies by Harvard and Oxford, it appears that having thick thighs lowers the risk of heart problems, premature death and metabolic diseases like diabetes.

Embrace Your Curves


Contrary to popular belief, thigh gaps are based on our bone structures. Whether you’re thick or thin, embrace your curves and edges. Just like Meghan sang, “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

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This article was first published on 22 December 2016 and last updated on 20 May 2024. 

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