TOUCHBeauty Skincare Devices

From vibrating cleansing brushes to LED-powered face masks, beauty gadgets have revolutionised our regimes. When paired with our go-to lotions and potions, these high-tech tools give skincare formulas a beneficial boost with the touch of a button.

Established in the UK, TOUCHBeauty specialises in personal care devices to address your skin woes. The brand has just made its debut in Singapore, bringing its trio of modern beauty devices to all Robinsons stores.

For a slimmer, V-shaped jawline

touchbeauty devices microcurrent facial roller

Microcurrent Facial Roller ($148)

Don’t judge the Microcurrent Facial Roller’s suggestive appearance, for this tool is no gimmick. In fact, it’s an instant facelift on a stick. The roller uses microcurrent technology to stimulate and work your muscles, so it contours and lifts the skin.

microcurrent facial roller

After applying your serum or moisturiser, roll it on areas of your face. The metal roller tips create a gentle pinching effect, giving your skin and muscle tissues a deep massage. It only takes a few minutes to bring down any puffiness and give you a sharper jawline. You can use it to tone different areas of your body too, like your neck and arms.

To brighten dark circles

touchbeauty devices sonic eye device

Sonic Eye Device ($98)

If stress and late nights have left you resembling a panda, try the Sonic Eye Device. It produces heat at 42°C and works synergistically with a sonic vibration to depuff the under-eye area and lighten dark circles for brighter-looking eyes.

sonic eye device

The tool resembles a finger, so it goes over your lids and across the tender tissue under the eyes easily. An eye cream or moisturiser base will help the metal tip glide with minimal tugging, so make sure your eye area is well hydrated before using the device.

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The 3-in-1 targeted treatment

touchbeauty devices light therapy device

Light Therapy Device ($158)

A non-invasive treatment, the Light Therapy Device can help with nearly any skin issue you might want to address. This ergonomic tool comes with 3 heads of different light therapy wavelengths to tackle problems such as fine lines, acne or hyperpigmentation.

There’s some space between the bulb and silver tip, so you can place the device close to your skin safely and let the light do its job.

light therapy device

If you have persistent pimples, use the blue light. It kills acne-causing bacteria to prevent flare-ups and decreases inflammation. Red light will generate a fresh supply of collagen for smoother, plumper skin. To soothe redness, the yellow light should help reduce skin sensitivity as well as lighten dark spots.

The device has a built-in timer that shuts off automatically after 12 minutes, so you won’t go overboard with the coloured beams.

TOUCHBeauty Skincare Devices At Robinsons

These advanced TOUCHBeauty devices were made to solve our most troubling skin dilemmas. To check out these troubleshooting tools in person, head down to Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City and Robinsons Jem.

This post was brought to you by TOUCHBeauty.

Photography by Sebastian Tan

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