Loving The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Singapore

You are probably tired of reading stories that tell you how great Singapore’s food and Jewel Changi Airport is. Instead, here are some more unconventional and surprising reasons why millennials love Singapore.

1. There’s spicy food everywhere.

“I hate it when I go to a place to eat overseas, order something spicy and then realise it isn’t spicy at all,” says a mala lover.

2. The multi-functional void decks

One day it can be a wedding, the next, it can be a funeral. Very useful.

3. Everybody is practically a neighbour

Singaporeans complain about how Pasir Ris to Jurong is very far, but it is a small distance to travel from one end of the country to another.

4. What traffic jam? 

Our traffic jams are really insignificant compared to other countries, it is really just heavy traffic.

5. The most powerful passport in the world

Sometimes we lose to Korea, but that’s just a part of life.

6. Hot guys all around

National Service gives our guys a better-than-average body. “Some of them are very chiseled! Yum!” Says a thirsty millennial.

7. How connected we are

Stalking a potential date? A friend of a friend probably already knows that person, so you can easily do some form of a background check.

8. Low tax-rates

“I remember paying about 40% tax in USA and 25-30% tax in Japan,” says someone who lived in both countries.

9. A blossoming tattoo culture, bet you didn’t know that

“We have a small but globally recognised group of tattoo artists and Singaporeans are increasingly accepting of body art,” says someone who is covered neck to ankle in Japanese tattoos.

10. Our super-convenient malls

Our malls are equipped with power plugs to charge your phone; plus they also keep you cool in the hot weather.

11. A truly democratic country, as seen in our hawker centres

Even the Prime Minister has to queue up for food.

12. Our national obsession is actually a delicious drink

“Bubble tea everywhere and lots of different type of toppings too.”

13. Our one uniting factor (for the guys at least), known as National Service

I met people from all walks of life in NS—gangsters who own parangs to someone who claims to be a good friend of Prime Minister Lee’s son.

14. We can learn many different things in school

The diverse CCAs available in schools, such as guzheng, harp, taekwondo, Chinese dance, Indian dance, Sepak Takraw, etc.

15. Our ever-active internet mob that can help you or throw you under the bus

The prevalence of 4G turns Singapore into a modern day kampong. You can find a lost dog or support for your social cause, just by calling on the internet mob.

16. Shops stay open to a reasonable time every day of the week

No closing at 3.00pm on Sundays like in some European cities.

17. Our blossoming music and arts scene

We have a growing crop of local artistes and musicians, such as the very talented (and handsome) Charlie Lim.


18. Our automated airport clearance

The best place to show off our incredible efficiency.

19. Our constantly upgrading neighbourhoods, no ghettos here

Praise the government for all the sun/rain shelters being built!

20. Clean public toilets, with free toilet paper

Try finding one in New York City or London.”

I will also never be able to unsee girls in Beijing doing their business with the cubicle door open,” says an avid traveller.

21. Facebook is alive and well here

Thank you government for not banning Facebook; just don’t spread fake news!

22. Support for the LGBT community

Though not legalised, an increasing tolerance and acceptance toward the LGBT community.


23. Our social media savvy ministers

Or at least they try.

24. Making a difference on the world stage 

The Trump/Kim Summit, Crazy Rich Asians, and now West World!

25. Accessible sports facilities such as the ActiveSG gyms

Only S$2.50 per entry? Sign me up RN.

26. Lots of people are tech-savvy 

It is very possible to find love on Tinder.

27. “The ridiculous hot weather feels like heaven when you spend the whole day in an air-conditioned office”

Consider this a reverse onsen of sorts.

28. Being able to call anyone “Uncle” or “Auntie”

Gives a feeling of kinship.

29. Budget airlines

Thank you Scoot for letting us see Southeast Asia and with our pathetic millennial paycheques. 

30. Community activities to unite Singaporeans 

Free Zumba and Tai Chi bring people of different social status together.

A Special Love Memo To Our Public Transport

One theme that came up often was how much Singaporeans love their public transport. Many enjoyed the comfortable long bus rides, affordable fares and the many new MRT lines being built across the island.

We are sure Singapore has a long way to go to become a Utopia, however, it is best to stay happy by counting our blessings.

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