UNIQLO A Singaporean Love Story

There are many ways to soft launch a relationship, like uploading your Instagram stories with a mysterious hand-in-shot and tagging your soon-to-be SO on your socials. But if you’re looking for an alternative method, UNIQLO has launched their latest UTme! A Singaporean Love Story collection for you to reveal your relationship status through memes printed on T-shirts. 

Available in both couples and singles series, the collection features 8 designs with adorable motifs. Continue reading to find out more about the collection.  

The collection

Designed by Singapore-based design studio Wheniwasfour, the collection is inspired by relationship puns and memes that Singaporeans can relate to easily. Wear the T-shirts to tease your partner, or trick your family and friends to that you’re attached. 

Couples series

UNIQLO A Singaporean Love Story

Kaya toast is best paired with a hot drink like kopi-o, and lacking either of them would probably make your breakfast feel like kosong instead. Featuring motifs of a cup of kopi-o and kaya toast, this couples series of T-shirts let you show bae how much they mean to you.  

As local singer JJ Lin sang in his song “Perfect Match”, youtiao tastes even better when paired and dipped in soy milk. In this couples series design, check out how the youtiao couple gets lovey-dovey while soaking in a bowl of warm soy milk, alongside puns like “I’m soy into you” and “You’re my soy mate”.

Singles series

Not every man in the world knows how to treat a lady right, but you can trust a bowl of ramen to make you feel warm and satisfied. That said, this tee design with a hilarious pun that reads “The only men I want is ramen” would make you LOL. 

UNIQLO A Singaporean Love Story

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend some quality time with your fur babies, as they provide affection that you can’t find elsewhere. Excuse yourself from any event when you tell others that you’ve got a date ‒  a date with your cat that is. 

UNIQLO A Singaporean Love Story

Singles might get a lil’ too comfortable being alone, and the last thing they would want is to step outside of their comfort zone and mingle. If that screams you, this tee design might pique your interest as it accurately depicts how some would just want to nua in bed all night instead. 

UNIQLO A Singaporean Love Story

Normally, relationship goals include all things serious like moving in with your partner, and planning for a family. However, for singles, theirs might just be simple things like actually being in a relationship. 

Prank Your Friends And Family When You Wear One Of UNIQLO’s A Singaporean Love Story Designs

Single or attached, prank your friends and family when you put on one of UNIQLO’s A Singaporean Love Story designs this coming April’s Fool. 

Available in limited quantity, A Singaporean Love Story sticker sheet is redeemable with every UTme! T-shirt purchased from the collection. 

For those who are interested, A Singaporean Love Story UTme! collection is only available through a customisation service which allows anyone to make their original T-shirt at Orchard Central Global Flagship store. Each adult T-shirt retails at $29.90, at $24.90 for kids. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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