UNIQLO International Women’s Day

UNIQLO has many UT collections, and among those include collaborations with local designers, which recognise the talents in our nation. This month, UNIQLO has partnered with the homegrown female boss of Wood and Lead, Alexa Ong to release the Fempowerd UTme! collection. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the collection empowers women with its adorable designs and strong messages. Continue reading to find out more about the special collection. 

The collection

International Women’s Day recognises the efforts and achievements of women, regardless of their age and race, just like this tee design. 

UNIQLO International Women’s Day

Not only does it mark the occasion with a “Celebrate Her!” slogan, but the design also gives a nod to an old-school Singaporean snack; the eyeglass candies. Check out how the women in the design are having fun by placing them over their eyes, similar to how many of us also did when we were young.

Whether big or small, any win in life is worth celebrating. You can do so with this “Ride Your Own Wave” design that features a woman skateboarding in a bowl of egg. 

UNIQLO International Women’s Day

While “Going Places” does have the literal meaning of heading somewhere, it also means that you’re on track to become successful. Have more faith in yourself, and trust that things will work out with this design. 

UNIQLO International Women’s Day

Another snack favoured by many Singaporeans are the gem biscuits that have sweet, colourful icing. Inspired by the local delight, this design tells you that “You’re A Gem” ‒ special and one-of-a-kind. 

UNIQLO International Women’s Day

Imagination allows endless possibilities, like how this design shows that you can “ride” on a jotter book ‒ a nostalgic school item for many Singaporeans. It suggests how you can take control of your directions, and also head towards your dreams fearlessly. 

Difficult times in life are unavoidable, but you can turn the situation around by changing your mindset. Go for this “No Sweat” design that is inspired by another local food, kaya butter toast. 

UNIQLO’s Fempowered Collection Reminds Women Their Strength And Fighting Spirits

Get your girlies or any female figure that you look up to a tee from this Fempowered collection that has inspiring designs and messaging. 

The Fempowered UTme! collection is only available through a customisation service which allows anyone to make their original T-shirt at Orchard Central Global Flagship store. Each adult T-shirt retails at $29.90, at $24.90 for kids. 

For more information about UNIQLO’s UTme! services, head over UNIQLO’s official website

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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