UNIQLO x Jujutsu Kaisen

In case you missed it, UNIQLO launched their first collaboration with the trending anime Jujutsu Kaisen on 23 July 2021. This first collection was inspired by the original art from the manga. 

It seems that this single collection isn’t enough for fans who are still binge-watching Jujutsu Kaisen on Netflix. Luckily for us, UNIQLO will be releasing more merch in a second collection with designs from the anime, featuring tees with each character’s cursed technique.

The collection

There are 3 T-shirt designs in this collection representing each first-year student of Jujutsu High School. The first tee highlights Megumi’s cursed technique, known as Chimera Shadow Garden. This is shown through the hand sign of him summoning his twin divine dogs. 

A dark shadow of the divine dog takes up a large corner of the shirt, a result of Megumi’s hand signs at the bottom.

Uniqlo jujutsu kaisen

Fierce and bold, Nobara’s confidence in her skills and loyalty to her comrades is what makes her so likeable in the anime. Wielding a special set of hammer and nails, her Straw Doll cursed technique allows her to manipulate her enemies with voodoo-like dolls. 

Just like the Megumi cursed technique tee, this shirt is available in white with blue flames depicted on Nobara’s hammer. It’s an anime scene that is familiar to most fans, where she channels her cursed energy before she strikes.

Uniqlo jujutsu kaisen

Unlike the rest of the first-years, the Yuji tee doesn’t showcase his cursed technique. This is probably because his cursed energy originates from a special grade curse, Sukuna. 

The colourful navy shirt best represents Yuji’s carefree and aloof personality, as the protagonist who stunned us by swallowing Sukuna’s fingers right from the first episode.

Uniqlo jujutsu kaisen

Satoru Gojo simps, we hear you. Our favourite sensei is full of playfulness and chaotic humour, yet remains the strongest jujutsu sorcerer to exist. Though Gojo is often seen with a blindfold on, fans know that the action is about to get real when he reveals his eyes. 

The back of this grey tee highlights Gojo’s glowing blue eyes, standing out from the monochrome colour scheme. The design captures him in action while activating his domain expansion: Unlimited Void. The front of the tee also includes a small pocket with the words “Jujutsu Kaisen” written on it.

Uniqlo jujutsu kaisen

This last full black tee perfectly captures all the main characters of the anime. On the front, everyone from Jujutsu High School looks ready for action, including Nanami and the second-year senpais, a.k.a seniors. The back features Mahito and the cursed spirits, the villains of the show.

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The manga collection

Uniqlo jujutsu kaisen

Getting both the anime and manga tee collection is one of the best ways to express your love for the Jujutsu Kaisen series. As of now, you can still get your hands on the manga collection featuring detailed panels of the characters. Tees that feature Megumi with all his shadow animals (left) and Mahito with the cursed spirits (right) all include iconic quotes from the manga.

The UNIQLO x Jujustu Kaisen Anime Collection Has Fans Hyped For The Upcoming Movie

All of the T-shirts in the UNIQLO x Jujutsu Kaisen UT collection, both the anime and manga version, are retailing at $19.90 each. The anime collection will be launching on 9 August 2021 on UNIQLO Singapore’s website and in UNIQLO stores. 

Make sure to get your tees ASAP to show your excitement for the upcoming movie, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which just released their 2nd official teaser trailer on 29 July 2021.

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All images courtesy of UNIQLO Singapore.

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