UNIQLO X Keith Haring Bag Collection

As Singaporeans, it’s hard not to own anything UNIQLO. And you might already own one of their iconic crescent shoulder bags which can fit almost everything

Now, the brand has launched their new UNIQLO X Keith Haring Collection featuring four graffiti-inspired designs for you to zhng up your OOTD. 

The collection

Show off your colourful spirit with this playful design which pays tribute to Keith Haring’s popular cartoon-like figures. Rest assured that this piece will add some joy into your casual outfits. 

From a small water bottle to notebooks, you can carry all of your essentials inside this fashionable bag. BTW, you can wear it in two ways ― as a shoulder bag or a sling bag.

It’s black and pink in your area with this bag ― it features floral motifs and dancing flower designs to accompany you on your next concert trip. 

As if taking inspiration from Wiz Khalifa’s song “Black and Yellow” ― this vibrant bag features multiple motifs of the artist’s past works such as the Barking Dog, flying and dancing men. It also includes bright red hearts for a cute touch.

If you prefer a more “lowkey” version, you can opt for this striking design which showcases a cluster of dancing men in various colours. Pair this bag with a plain white tee and blue jeans for a subtle yet striking look

The UNIQLO X Keith Haring Collection Will Add Boldness And Vibrant Colours To Your OOTD

It’s no surprise that Singaporeans love the famous crescent shoulder bags. With the new UNIQLO x Keith Haring designs, you can add these eye-catching and artistic bags to your growing collection. 

Now, you get your hands on these funky bags in-stores and online ― each bag retails for $19.90.

All images courtesy of UNIQLO.

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