UNIQLO x Looney Tunes

Chinese New Year 2023 marks the beginning of the Rabbit Year, and with that comes a myriad of rabbit-inspired merchandise, including drinkware from Coffee Bean and Starbucks. UNIQLO’s new collection joins the ranks with their newly-dropped Looney Tunes-inspired collection, including adorable Bugs Bunny designs.

Adult sizes

uniqlo looney tunes adult shirts green white

Kickstart your year with this T-shirt in white. Featuring Bugs Bunny dressed in a superhero cape and holding a carrot, it gives off sketchbook vibes and is perfect for older folks. 

Beneath the large “Super-Rabbit” logo, the words “a Merrie Melodies cartoon” and “featuring Bugs Bunny” are emblazoned on the shirt like a movie poster.

Opt for a darker tone with the green Bugs Bunny tee. Bugs Bunny clutches a carrot while tipping his hat to the audience. Written across the tee are the words “Warner Bros cartoons present Bugs Bunny” – we stan a true movie star. 

uniqlo looney tunes adult red shirt

If you’re seeking red clothes for upcoming house visits, you’re in luck.

This bright red tee has the words “Bugs Bunny” on the front, while the back features the cheeky character calling the shots through a large carrot loudspeaker, while relaxing in a director’s chair with his name on it.

uniqlo looney tunes adult warner bros shirt

This dark grey shirt marks Warner Bros’ 100th anniversary, which is filled with nostalgic designs. It has a large Warner Bros logo on the chest, which is the old logo from the 1960s. Surrounding the logo are different characters from the company, such as Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil. 

Each Looney Tunes UT Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt retails at $19.90.

uniqlo looney tunes adult blue and red sweater

Keep yourself cosy with this red pullover hoodie. Coming with a hood and a string for optimal adjustment, the hoodie also has a big pocket in the middle, and features Looney Tunes characters – Gossamer, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil. 

Despite our hot weather, the sky-blue hoodie will definitely give you a cool look. It has Bugs Bunny relaxing on top of yellow block letters of his name – your daily reminder to take a break every once in a while as well.

uniqlo looney tunes adult dark sweater
Minimalists can opt for this Warner Bros hoodie that comes in black, with the iconic logo on the upper left corner. The back features a black and white design, with Bugs Bunny relaxing on top of the words “Merrie Melodies”, the comedy short films animated series from Warner Bros. 

uniqlo looney tunes adult white sweater

Similar to the adult shirt in white, you can consider the Super-Rabbit design in the form of a hoodie. On the front, the Warner Bros logo resides on the upper left corner, while the Bugs Bunny superhero design completes the look at the back of the hoodie.

Each Looney Tunes Long Sleeve Sweat Pullover Hoodie retails at $49.90.

Kids sizes

uniqlo looney tunes kids shirt

If you feel like matching with your little ones, don’t fret – there’s shirts and hoodies in kids sizes as well. The red shirt comes with a Merrie Melodies logo design, with characters Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck smiling beneath. Music-lovers can consider this tee to add to their collection.

With Bugs Bunny starring as a superhero on the white tee, he is dressed similarly to Superman — with the red cape and the S emblem on the chest. He is also holding a carrot in his left hand. Pair this white tee with any coloured bottom, and you’ll get a simple yet fire fit. 

uniqlo looney tunes kids shirts graphic tee

Go for a retro 70s look with these cute tees that come in black. With a similar design to the adult hoodie in red, the back of the tee features Gossamer, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, and Tasmanian Devil, along with the words “Super TV Saturday Morning” above.

Brighten up your morning with this yellow Bugs Bunny shirt. Similar to the adult shirt in green, the shirt has the bunny holding a carrot and tipping his hat to the audience. Here’s a cute family bonding idea — get these matchy shirts for everyone to wear. 

Each KIDS Looney Tunes UT Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt retails at $14.90.

uniqlo looney tunes kids white and dark sweaters
Warm yourself up at night with this white Bugs Bunny hoodie. Similar to the adult hoodie in blue, it has the bunny resting on top of orange block letters of his name. 

If you prefer a darker colour, opt for the Warner Bros hoodie in black. The 1960s Warner Bros colourful logo on the upper left corner adds vibrancy to the hoodie design. 

uniqlo looney tunes kids sweaters

Here’s another addition to your CNY fit. There is also an all-red hoodie with the current Warner Bros logo for the kids to don. The back of the hoodie has Bugs Bunny sitting atop the Merrie Melodies logo. 

The blue hoodie on the right has a red circle with characters Marvin the Martian, Tasmanian Devil, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety Bird inside. Beneath the circle says “Looney Tunes” with the Warner Bros logo under it.

uniqlo looney tunes kids pink
Pink doesn’t have to be reserved for Wednesdays. Kids can don this pink hoodie for any occasion, including this upcoming CNY. 

The words “Merrie Melodies” are emblazoned across the hoodie, with the characters Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck smiling beneath. The sleeves at the wrist include a blue and white striped design, adding an alternative colour to the mix.

Each KIDS Looney Tunes Sweat Hoodie retail at $29.90. 

The UNIQLO x Looney Tunes Collection Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood 

With Chinese New Year rapidly approaching, it’s a perfect excuse to buy new clothes. Whether you’re looking for comfy tees or hoodies, this collection has plenty of options to consider.

The items are currently available for purchase on UNIQLO’s website or in stores. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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