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UNIQLO x Mickey Mouse

2023 is going to be a great year for Disney fans. Apart from upcoming movie releases like the live-action The Little Mermaid, Disney is also celebrating their 100th anniversary of storytelling and magic this October. 

Joining in the celebration is UNIQLO, which has a new Mickey Mouse collection ‒ designed by UNIQLO’s top creators ‒ that features the cartoon character in its signature standing pose. 

The designs

UNIQLO x Mickey Mouse

For some of us, Mickey Mouse represents happiness and inspires us to dream. Similar to how the cartoon character is like a shining star in our eyes, this T-shirt design features a motif of Mickey Mouse standing with his hands behind his back alongside sparkles on his shoes and left ear. The latter details give an illusion as if he is reflecting light.  

UNIQLO x Mickey Mouse

Pop art lovers will love the next design. It showcases a motif of Mickey Mouse in his signature red pants and yellow shoes, which are put together by small dots that remind us of pointillism. The faded effect also makes the T-shirt perfect for those who enjoy putting together a vintage-looking OOTD. 

It is interesting to see how each designer envisions Mickey Mouse, and here on this white T-shirt, Mickey Mouse greets us in navy with lines and curves of the same shade. Below, it even has the wording of his name written. 

No worries if you’re easily bored ‒ this T-shirt transforms the silhouette of Mickey Mouse into a maze so you can have fun whenever you wear it. You’ll find the starting point above Mickey’s left ear and the exit near the side of his right foot. Perhaps with this, you can even amuse young ones who are new to playing mazes during family gatherings. 

As the saying goes: “simplicity is best.” You’ll find a motif of Mickey Mouse in his classic red pants and yellow shoes on this T-shirt design. It matches well with almost any bottom, like a pair of shorts or a cute A-line skirt. 

Each T-shirt retails at $19.90. 

Express Your Love For Mickey Mouse With The New UNIQLO Collection

As much as we would love to get our hands on these new releases, the UNIQLO x Mickey Mouse collection will only be available from 27 February 2023. You can purchase them either through UNIQLO’s official website or at all physical outlets. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO

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