UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

Not long ago, Disney released a black-themed Mickey homeware collection for those going for that chic and sleek living space. Now, Uniqlo is also dropping a monochrome Mickey Mouse art collection that has apparel in both adults and kids sizes. Featuring designs by monochromatic artist Joshua Vides, check out his design takes on the world famous Disney character. 


Literal to the name of the collection, all the apparel are only available in either black or white ‒ good news for those who stash only either shade of clothing in their wardrobe. 

For fans who aren’t shy expressing their love for the character, these T-shirts have straightforward designs that shout, “I’m a Mickey Mouse fan.”

The black T-Shirt features a happy face of Mickey Mouse whereas the white T-Shirt has Mickey Mouse standing proudly with his hands on his hips.  

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

For a more cheeky vibe, this T-shirt has Mickey Mouse taking a peek from the fake pocket that he is hiding in. On the back, it also has the words “Mickey Mouse”. 

Mickey Mouse is not only sweet towards Minnie Mouse but also to his friends. Based on the wordings on this black tee, it shows how Mickey Mouse treasures friendship too as it reads, “Mickey thinks his pals are sweet because they’re his pals!”

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

Below the text, you’ll also find the illustration of Mickey Mouse along with his friends like Goofy, Donald and Daisy. 

Each T-shirt retails at $19.90.


Because of our erratic temperatures, it is getting harder to predict sweater weather. But to keep you warm and cosy when you WFH or nua on your bed, there are also sweatshirts in this collection. 

Avid fans of Mickey Mouse would know that the Mickey Mouse Club first aired in 1955, being a classic variety show. Keeping things simple, you’ll find a Mickey Mouse Club logo near the left chest region of this white sweater.

Thanks to the smile on Mickey Mouse’s face, he looks as if he’s really glad that you’re part of this exclusive club. 

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

The Disney couple have us singles jealous as this design shows Minnie Mouse giving Mickey Mouse smooches on his cheeks.

Minnie Mouse is seen in her signature polka dot dress and we love how she isn’t shy about expressing her love for her life partner. 

In case you are missing the friendship between Mickey Mouse and Pluto instead, this black sweater has the design of the two buddies on the back. Pluto looks as if he is howling while Mickey Mouse looks pleased with his pet dog. 

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

If you prefer a design that is neither too plain nor eye catching, this black sweater might fit the bill.

It features a small illustration of Mickey Mouse around the left chest region and on both sleeves, you’ll also notice the wordings of “Mickey Mouse” ‒ giving the sweater a lil’ extra style. 

Each sweatshirt retails at $29.90.


If you’re planning to go for a matching look with your kids, the collection also has apparel in kids sizes.

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

Each of the kids sweatshirts retails at $19.90 and comes with 7 size options, from 100cm to 160cm.

Some additional designs include this black T-Shirt that shows Mickey Mouse putting his arm around Pluto. At the same time, it reads “You’re the best!”, suggesting the close friendship between the two characters. 

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

Also, giving us slight deja vu vibes is this T-shirt with the same design as the adult T-shirt mentioned earlier. Instead of white, it comes in a black T-shirt.

Similarly, all kids T-shirts have 7 size options and retail at $14.90 each.


If you think the collection ends with the apparel, think again. It also includes two plate designs for you to use as your go-to kitchenware when you serve a delicious home-cooked meal.

UNIQLO Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

The first plate has the design of the face of Mickey Mouse, and the next one shows the full body of the world’s favourite mascot. 

Each plate retails at $9.90. 

Express Your Individuality With This Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection

It has almost been a century since Mickey Mouse was first created, but our love for the character proves to be endless. Starting from 26 November 2021, you can now purchase the Monochrome Mickey Mouse Art Collection at UNIQLO’s official website and offline outlets. 

In line with the theme of this collection, UNIQLO has also partnered with Singapore’s first self-photography studio, Fotomat Studios. From 26 to 28 November 2021, between 11am to 9pm, shoppers can redeem a free monochrome photo printout with the purchase of any item from the collection exclusively at the UNIQLO flagship store at Orchard Central (# 01-01 to 04/23-25).

All images courtesy of UNIQLO. 

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