UNIQLO x Sanrio Beach Trip Collection

Since Singapore is best known for its hot and humid climate, we can easily plan a beach trip with our girlfriends at any time throughout the year. It seems like even the Sanrio characters are embracing the warm summer heat as well, as UNIQLO has just released a Sanrio beach trip collection featuring them on a vacation.

The collection

Going to the beach is one of the best ways to achieve a glowing tan, as showcased by Hello Kitty on this tee wearing a kawaii polka dot bikini. The cat character peeks at us from under her sunglasses while holding onto a pink surfboard, ready to ride the waves.

UNIQLO Sanrio Beach Trip

It seems like Cinnamoroll is already one step ahead of Hello Kitty, as this pastel blue tee showcases him smoothly surfing on the high waves.

For those who enjoy basking in the sun and watching the gentle waves, My Melody and her best friend Flat are here to accompany you. This pink tee features the pair setting up a large beach umbrella on the beachside for a relaxing picnic date.

We can’t miss out Kuromi from this collection as well, aka My Melody’s cheeky rival. Despite being rivals, the two still seem to enjoy each other’s company, floating side by side on giant floats at sea.

Gudetama’s nua mood is a trait that many of us can relate to, but it seems like the egg can’t resist enjoying summer activities either. This bright yellow tee features five Gudetama characters dancing together while donning Hawaiian grass skirts and leis made of pink flowers. 

All the adult tees in this collection are retailing at $19.90 each.


UNIQLO Sanrio Beach Trip

Kids are also able to get their hands on colourful variations of these tees as well, showcasing the characters in different poses. An additional Pompompurin tee is available, featuring the pudding-like character strumming a ukulele by the palm trees. 

All of the kids’ tees are available at $14.90 each. 

The UNIQLO x Sanrio Beach Trip Collection Has Us Dreaming About Our Next Holiday Getaway

Despite it only being the start of 2023, many of us are already planning our next holiday getaway to warm sunny beaches. Put on the UNIQLO x Sanrio Beach Trip tees to match your vacation mood, available from 6 February 2023 onwards on UNIQLO’s website and in-stores islandwide. 

While waiting for the collection to drop, check out their Bugs Bunny collection to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO.

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