UNIQLO UT Disney Collection

When we think about the 90s’, we can’t forget the chokehold grunge wear had on us when graphic tees and worn out jeans were all the rage. Bringing back what is now considered a “vintage” look, UNIQLO’s new UT Disney collection features graphic tees with classic characters still dear to our hearts.

The collection


Available in four colours, the new set of cotton T-shirts are reminiscent of 90s’ baby tees that are more body fitting with shorter sleeves. Choose from dark grey, baby pink, brown or light green. 

On the dark grey shirt you’ll find ‘the one and only’ Mickey, in bright coral-coloured stitching.


The baby pink tee has both Mickey and Minnie on it, reminding us that true love still exists.


Not forgetting one of his besties, Donald Duck makes an appearance with Mickey on the light green T-shirt. This duo never fails to bring back precious memories of enjoying Saturday morning cartoons with our breakfast.


And bringing it back to the main mouse himself, the brown tee bears Mickey with some Disney sparkles stitched in a darker brown. A little detail reminding us to always believe in magic.

Relive 90s’ Aesthetics With UNIQLO’s New Disney UT Collection

Priced at $19.90 each, the collection will be available for purchase online and in-stores from 15 January 2024. Trying to wrap our heads around the fact that the 90s’ was 30 years ago will never not be insane, and these old-school baby tees might help us to relive some of our fave memories from back then. 

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