Vasectomy In Singapore

Condoms and morning-after pills are some of the contraceptive methods that are most commonly known and used. While there are other interesting innovations that require guys to literally dip their balls, guys who seek long-term and effective results tend to consider a vasectomy as well. 

The effectiveness of getting snipped is almost 100%, and most of the time, the procedure is reversible too. We spoke to five Singaporean guys to find out if they would go for a vasectomy and why.    

1. “I will only consider after having kids”

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“I won’t be undergoing a vasectomy any time soon, but it’s a definite possibility in the future. As I’m still not sure if I want kids at this point, a vasectomy is something that I will only consider at least after having kids.

My social circle includes adults in their late 20s and early 30s ‒ most of them are still finding partners or just starting their families ‒ so the discussion of permanent contraceptives is not a common topic yet.

I do think more people should know about vasectomies, especially methods that involve men, other than condoms. Most birth control methods I hear about are more women-focused, such as birth control pills, IUDs, or tying of the fallopian tubes. That said, I think men should also do their part whenever possible by acquiring better knowledge. 

I think some men are against the idea of undergoing vasectomy because the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional expectation of “the man must continue his family line”. But I feel that it could really discourage the idea of possibly-permanent impotence. However, beyond that, I think being unable to have kids could make someone feel less “manly” in general.”

Advice for men who are planning to have a vasectomy: “Research and understand it first before making a decision! Also, be sure to consult health professionals, in case you aren’t suitable for surgery. Of course, also check with your spouse if not having kids anymore is something both of you are with.

– Benedict, 28

2. “Up for it as long as my partner and I agree that we don’t want kids”

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“I am up for a vasectomy as long as my partner and I agree that we either do not want kids or no longer want kids. 

In the context of a relationship, and as a matter of a more permanent method of birth control, I think that vasectomy is less disruptive. Unlike other alternatives such as birth control pills, a vasectomy is not hormonal in nature, and in turn would not affect one’s metabolism or behaviour. 

I think people around my age might not have given vasectomy much consideration as they are not that relevant for now. Regardless, there is no harm in being exposed to such information as it would provide people with more options to consider when deciding on the most appropriate method of contraception. 

I don’t think that there would be any strong opposition from my family if I decide to go for the procedure. But rather, I think they would probably be more curious as to whether I am sure about my decision, and the rationale behind it.”

Advice for men who are planning to have a vasectomy: “If you are attached, discuss it with your partner beforehand as the decision to not have kids affects both parties. Otherwise, consult your doctor. They are the best equipped to advise on the procedure and its implications as well as your concerns.” 

– Zac, 28 

3. “It is not a licence to be irresponsible”

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“I’m quite on the fence right now about getting a vasectomy because there are other non-invasive contraceptive methods available like condoms that are highly effective. I would need to discuss it with my spouse, and factor it into the context of our overall desired lifestyle.

I think there is general awareness about the procedure among my peers, but we don’t discuss this topic much. This could be because most of my peers are not yet married, or only recently married, so the more salient topic in their minds is when to have children and how many. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt to raise awareness of the range of contraceptive methods available, such as through sex education or providing counselling services to adults. I would add that especially for youth, consent and responsible sexual behaviour must also be emphasised when discussing contraception, to avoid giving the wrong idea that contraceptive methods are a license to be irresponsible.”

Advice for men who are planning to have a vasectomy: “Do research, talk to others who’ve done it, and if you can, talk to your doctor. Most importantly, talk to your spouse, and make sure this is what both of you want.”

– Anthony, 28 

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4. “Never cross my mind as I’m a family person”

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“Vasectomy has never crossed my mind as I’m a family person, and love the idea of parenting. Even if vasectomy is supposedly reversible, it would not be as effective as it was before getting snipped. I prefer to have the option of knowing that I can procreate. 

If I were ever to undergo a vasectomy, I would be concerned about the procedure since it is invasive. I believe some guys are against doing it because of the potential side effects and cost. Most importantly, there is also a stigma of losing their “manliness”. 

Since vasectomy is not the most widely talked about contraceptive, I feel that there is indeed a lack of awareness about it. I guess one option is to educate guys with more in-depth information about vasectomy during tertiary education.”

Advice for men who are planning to have a vasectomy: “Do whatever you feel is best for yourself and your family. Get educated about the procedure, and do it at a certified clinic or health practitioner.”

– Wen Jun, 36

5. “Not 100% effective against sexually transmitted disease”

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“Vasectomy has the appeal of being a supposed permanent contraceptive. But, since it doesn’t provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), I’m leaning towards not getting a vasectomy. While other contraceptive methods like condoms have a lower percentage of effectiveness, it at least protects me from STDs. 

I know many of my friends have an idea of how a vasectomy works, but I don’t think it has ever been considered as a serious option now. Most of them are only getting married, and I think they would at least wait until they have a child before they decide if they want to snip the tubes.

Furthermore, the procedure is not common in Asian culture, and most guys would probably be persuaded to reconsider their decision after sharing it with their families.”

Advice for men who are planning to have a vasectomy: “Be 100% sure of your decision and do proper research before committing to the surgery!”

– Keefe, 27

These Reasons Suggest Some Singaporeans Guys Are Considering Vasectomy As A Contraceptive

While most Singaporean guys know vasectomy as a method of effective contraceptive, not everyone is a fan of going under the knife to get snipped. Nonetheless, it also shows that more in-depth information can be shared among young adults to educate them on the different types of contraceptives. 

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